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Site not moving up in SERPs

Hello. I have noticed that lately it has been more difficult/slower to get sites ranking. I have a tier1 of manually built web2.0s, tier2/3 with GSA (10 - 300 - 10 000) with tier1 and 2 of quality links only, and it's been around 2 weeks with no movement at all. My site is ranked #300 or so and won't move for its keywords. Not slapped or anything either. Has anyone else noticed the same thing? (links indexed by 2 separate well established indexing services)


  • are you talking about new sites or sites already ranked? If it is new sites it might be a couple of months and not weeks.
  • Sites are not new - 2-3 years, some PR(1-2), but not ranked.
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    Yes mine too. What happen? Did google/yahoo/bing changed their method of rankings? Please help us.. Thanks
  • goonergooner
    I think you are expecting a lot from SER in 2 weeks. The only way i get ranks that quickly is with a PBN.

  • I have managed to rank a site for 3 weeks today to be exact :) and it's increasing SERP everyday, 

    You can check it from the link below

    You can register on the website if you want by clicking the link below, but GSA forum is enough to learn a lot because this is where I learn tons of stuffs about GSA SER and how to SEO the right way

    If you register please PM me or add my Skype: iSaganiCPA so I can help you whenever :) Thanks!
  • goonergooner
    @isagani - That's interesting, i will read it. What was the search volume of the keyword?
  • One thing I've learnt from reading that thread is that we don't use "bro" or "man" enough on here.
  • Tim89Tim89
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    @davbel you're such a joker man, that was hectic bro! lol lol :):)
  • @gooner I think it's 1,600 searches per day based on GKWP but I'm not sure with that

    @davbel we treat everyone as brothers :)
  • That'll be 1600 searches per month
  • Haha davbel :) Bro man, you da man, man..Bro.
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