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2 Proxy Questions - Sequential Selection / Dual Lists

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Q.1 - Sequential Selection

I have a huge quantity of private proxies that I use for general scraping and rank tracking, etc. The problem is that the IP's are sequential.

Does GSA utilize the proxies from the list randomly or sequentially? If sequentially, can I pre-randomize the list before importing it to GSA to overcome the problem, or will GSA re-order the proxies sequentially upon import?

Q. 2 - Dual Lists

Wanting to preserve my proxy pool, has there ever been discussion of splitting proxy functions into two lists? Or can it already be done?

The concept is that list one can be used from scraping and PR checking while list two can be used for posting. Ideally list one would be faster/reliable private proxies while list two would be slower/public proxies since the posting is actually what generates complaints... at least that's how I would work it out in my head.

Mind you, neither of these are feature requests - just questions for discovery. If these are not currently built into the program already and there is general approval for the ideas, maybe they could be features down the road - but feel absolutely no pressure there.


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