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Not scraping emails from google or facebook - Help

I noticed this has been asked before but every time i search google using this search string: "spotify" ""

I get plenty of email results and GSA spider does not scrape any of those email - I also entered the URL from facebook to check if it will scrape the emails directly but it doesn't work either. 



Please let me know how to scrape those emails as this is one of the main reasons i purchased the spider. You can check this user was having the same problem and the MOD said it would be fixed on next version.

Thank you,


  • SvenSven
    you better send a project backup (project->save) to view what you might have setup wrong.
  • Hi Sven and thanks for the response.

    Here is the link for the project backups. I did 1 for the url and 1 for the keyword search:

  • SvenSven

    the project with the start url has a bit to much to parse. You set it to parse all internal and external links. This means basically the whole internet...not a good idea.

    The other project runs fine on my end. Finds new emails all the time.

  • image

    Sven why is it scrapping How can i make it so it only searches facebook?

    Thanks again
  • SvenSven
    I don't know, maybe some search engine replied with that as result.
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