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Correct search string to use for facebook businesses...

edited March 2013 in GSA Email Spider
Before i bought GSA email spider, I would type this into Google for exactly what I wanted: ""beauty salon"" "" "united kingdom""

This would search Facebook for beauty salons who use gmail as their email account in the UK. I put this exact search string into email spider and get mixed results. Not only is it searching facebook but yellowpages etc, and the emails returned are not all gmail accounts.

Could anyone suggest a better search string or keywords for what I want to achieve?. I've tried using use url as start - but the results have been strange. Thanks


  • SvenSven
    this should work as well. But you have to use google search engines only here as the rest will not support "site:" prefix.
  • Tried it with selecting only google gb and good us. I start the search but it finishes the search after a few seconds and comes back with 1url parsed. The url it looks at isn't facebook either
  • SvenSven
    did you login to facebook before doing this (label login required).
  • yes I was logged in to facebook. Also I've noticed if I just select Google GB as search the search engine and nothing else, it never finds any email and comes back with 0 urls parsed.

    I've tried searching any keyword. Even just one word, with google gb selected and it returns no results. I've tried adding google us, google international and still comes back the same - no results returned. Why is this?

    Also is there someway to search emails on from UK? with the word 'salon' somewhere in the email? Thanks
  • edited April 2013
    Still not getting the same results from manually typing into google" "united kingdom""

    I just want all the same results which google (uk) pulls up. Is there some sort of options I'm over looking. Sorry for all questions just want to get this thing dialed in!

    I've tried keywords and selecting use URL as start, put in and put my user/pass in. Then tried searching with page must include 'beauty salon'. Never returns any results. I've tried using keywords only with the search string I mentioned above, no results (with only selecting google uk + us as my search engines). I'm getting lost and confused. Sven could you suggest some kind of search string or url as start for what I want to achieve? That is email address from facebook, ideally uk based with keywords such as beauty salon. Thanks (again)
  • SvenSven

    I would use google international and do a "beauty salon" ""

    Than also use the extradata optiont o resolve country/city and maybe filter afterwards.

  • Hi yes that's what I was thinking but as I said before with just google international selected as search engine no urls are found and search ends after 1 second. Here's the screenshot:

  • SvenSven
    just found the problem...fixed in next version (online in some minutes)
  • I was about to say, I can select any other single search engine and it brings back plenty of results. Thanks anyway, appreciate the speed.
  • Perfect!
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