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Why everytime i open the GSA{SER} the internet stops working?

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Why every time i open the GSA{SER} the internet stops working?Is that from proxies?and If that's true.How can i solve it without disabling proxies ?


  • SvenSven
    Your internet stops working? What do you mean by that? 
  • Maybe public proxy parsing cause your issues and hammer your router with too many queries? If you are scraping public proxies than lower the threads and/or higher the timeout in Options -> Submission -> Configure -> Options
  • I'm pretty sure it's related to your router\modem or something like that, that is just not up to task with a big nr of connections/speed.

    I had the same issue at home, if i used torrent and speed went near the actual hired limit, or massive scraping on SB, or massive articles posting with AMR, sometimes the connection just dropped. Ever since i changed to the VPS, all good, and no more issues regarding connection.
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    Too many threads. Lower you thread count. Start at 5 and increase by 10 every 15 minutes until you find the sweet spot.
  • maybe GSA is using all the available bandwidth and there is nothing left for anyone else to browse and you experience this as NO INTERNET ? 
    if that is the case either lower thread count or use a bandwidth limiter
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