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I Run 2 GSA SER Everydays for 6 months and I will Sell My 100.000 Verified List with Crazy Price



  • Hi DonCorleone, i believe the answer is her:
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    @nollypam So i bought your list from Fiver . Not got even 10% verified . almost all download failed (it's not proxies ) .
    Not complaining coz i got what i paid . 
  • You did not use proxy for running project it mean that you send the massage to WEB 20 master server that you are spamming. You proxy will be banned from them. and also Mr. G will detect that you are spammer.
    You blame site list because of your lack of information regarding GSA. It's not good mate.
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    @nollypam lol I meant the download failed reason is not because i have poor proxies which is a comman reason for getting download failed and this is the first thing sellers will tell you to check .

    Incidently i got my this months fresh proxies the day i started your list. 

    i had a better conversion from a list someone publically posted here and on bhw lol .

    also the dropbox file you sent me was 27 days old . So the list was probably stale.
     i never give negative feedback even if the product sucks. $5 was nothing to me , i don't care about it , but you shall get a -ve feedback for being a d!ck .
  • thanks, for your cursed. I hope God will bless U.
    I'm easy going man, if you ask me in fiverr I will give you another.
  • haryonoharyono in your heart
    100 ribu list dari berapa domain bro? platform?


  • Mas haryono. Bisa dilihat di untuk detailnya. Tks
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    if you really wanted to sort it out , you would have done it by now . lets see what can you do . you are a easy going man .
  • I am also having issue with your list, success rate is only around 15%.
  • I hope that this video below might help you. thanks
  • Mate, why are You kidding us.?

         "I Run 2 GSA SER Everydays for 6 months"

          "I'm not sure. how many link. Usually i made 500 - 4.000 link every days.
    I believe this answer both of your question."

    And You`re making them.. just buying other people`s lists:

    ----> it`s from
    ----- >  it`s from
    ----> it`s from

    "..with customize footprint also with 250-500 premium shared proxy"

    - Do You REALLY need proxies for just buying other people gigs?

    Nothing bad to resell or outsource, it`s a normal IM, but don`t make the people foolish with direct lies. Some people are tring to keep their list`s qulity limiting sales and reselling them you`re turning them into overspammed shitlists.

        "I have Nice Car, A house with 600 m2 in the center of the city. Live in Indonesia with more than $ 5.000/months
    You can get very nice 1 time meal for $ 2 only in my country. 1 L gas only for 50 cent. Every things are cheap here.
    I'm free man NOW!!!!"

    -- Impressive self story, I just don`t understand what do we have with that.. I don`t know if You really are an indonesian or just another denver guy.. lol
  • Busted
  • Dear, libero. Yes, i bought that list to check it. if, ok I will added into my list. is it wrong with buying from others? Sometime they also buy from me and make barter with me.

    For proxy you may see this youtube video.   . This video show that i use real private proxy, why i make fool of you

    do I make GSA for everyday? the answer is I have backlink services in my country.
    Here the link if you do not believe, is in my language you may translate it.

    I'm not from denver mate, please do not attack me. I didn't do anything wrong with you. I just trying to help others by selling my list for cheap price.

    I also realize that my list aren't perfect but i tried to make it better and better, so people will satisfied with my list.
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