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I Run 2 GSA SER Everydays for 6 months and I will Sell My 100.000 Verified List with Crazy Price

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Hi, I run my GSA SER every days using 2 VPS. I run it with GSA Captcha Breaker and 250 Shared Proxy.
I got more than 100.000 Verified Link for now, I already sell it on fiverr. Because of that list i have AA+++ Positive Reviews.
So if you want to grab it, just go to fiverr. I sell those Verified List for only $5.
The list will be update every month at first week.

I know your problem, before i have succeeded in SEO. I was bankrupt, I have no Car, No Apartment.
Now it's change, I have Nice Car, A house with 600 m2 in the center of the city. Live in Indonesia with more than $ 5.000/months
You can get very nice 1 time meal for $ 2 only in my country. 1 L gas only for 50 cent. Every things are cheap here.
I'm free man NOW!!!!

I hope this can help you, running your business without high cost. 

Here the link below:



  • Bought both his lists on fiverr, actually got a lot more than I expected, multiple lists of every sort, got new contextuals out of it (few hundred) and lots of other stuff.
  • @nollypam, yesterday I bought your list (nearly 1,5 days ago) and till now I didn't get anything from you. Where is my list?

  • xxxx You are Big Liar, i never not send it in fiverr. Fiverr rule very strict....... Or You just my competitor that want to ruin my name.... Do not be such a coward dude....
  • edited April 2014
    @XXXX, I'm lier? Iwill post a screanshort here and all people will see who is lier!!!

    Better look at your orders and send me my list.

    Plus you hurt people - your customer - instead to look what's wrong.
  • Any dispute you two are having on fiverr should be dealt with on fiverr, not here. Just my 2 cents.
  • I'm agree with you bangkolad, if he had problem in fiverr why he do not massage me or make dispute in fiverr? Why he put comment here in order to put someone into a corner... I hope God will always bless him....
  • @nollypam,

     I sent you a message 0on Fivver but I didn't get my order. And if you don't want to look what's wrong I will write on Fivver.

  • Please send me massage on fiverr now, if i'm wrong for my fault i will give you all of my list that consist of 150.000 fresh verified link with hundred thousand of other list.... Those list can be sold for other more that $ 50.
  • Are you sure you buy from me? i did not get any massage from you.
  • goonergooner
    I bought this list, you can't argue with the quality for the price it costs and it was delivered within a few hours.
    So all good. The guy has 100% positive reviews on the gig so i don't think there is an issue with non-delivery.
  • Thanks GOONER... You are the best. GBU.  I just wondering why he treat me like these?
  • good stuff !ordered.
  • Thanks spammasta, GBU
  • @nollypam, I was offline and will send you a message in a moment.
  • @Nollypam, the message sent and the problem solved: after logging right now the order was on Fiverr.

    First review: overdelivering. And later a ful review on Fiverr.

  • jkt48jkt48 Indonesia
    ane minat dan saya harap mas bisa bantu cara import dan gunain GSA di VPS. Saya dari Indonesia. nubie dan baru belajar make GSA. ada skype mas?
  • Dear JKT48
    This will guide you importing the sitelist into GSA:
    Link diatas Saya buat mudah caranya import list ke GSA.
  • Just ordered with extra !
  • Hi, mianfarhanraza. Just Sent....
  • jkt48jkt48 Indonesia
    thanks Om @nollypam i have buy your list including fresh list for this month. The list are in .sl and win excel. Thanks for share your tutorial video. i like you..
  • Thanks JKT48...
  • Fresh list of May already available...
  • Just paid for main + extra gig.
  • Dear itsme, just sent. Thanks
  • how much monthly unique domains you are adding ??

    Like if i purchased this list now and then what is the new unique url in next month ??

  • Hi, maulik2425
    I'm not sure. how many link. Usually i made 500 - 4.000 link every days.
    I believe this answer both of your question.
    If you still on doubt i highly recommended not to buy.
    To make sure and convince your self, Ask the others that already bought or see at the gig comment.
  • And once more maulik2425,
    I made it with customize footprint also with 250-500 premium shared proxy, so it will find more unique domain day by day.

  • I just make this GSA SER verified list web.
    You may go to optin to get fresh list notice also with bonus list.
  • Just harvest the list from server 2 and server 1, you can get with extras gigs. Thanks
  • a ) how old is your current list 
    b) how many unique domains are there in list 
    c) could you show the screenshot of all engines/platforms . I tried watching in video but it was too blury .

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