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Adding Web 2.0 Blogs

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Ok so I got the 5 day demo and it is doing pretty good so far. WhenI look though at the sites for the Web 2.0 sits its only 3? Is this because of it in demo mode?

With other softwares they come pre loaded with at least 30-50 web 2.0 blog sites to post to. Does the full version have more OR how do I add more web 2.0 sits to post to please.


  • I think you mean blog commenting, right? Web 2.0 let you create your own site on different platforms.

    If you mean blog commenting than I can assure you that GSA supports all common blog commenting platforms but they are pooled in "General Blogs".

    The GSA demo has no restrictions.
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    I think he wants some custom platforms added, like, squidoo, newsvine, tumblr, etc. pp  under the Web 2.0s (right now there are libcom, opera and xfire) 
  • MrMeotz that is exactly right. Looking just like the big softwares out there post to Tumblr, Wordpress, Postueous, These kind of sites for posting my article on web 2.0 blogs. How can we add these manually or some other way?
  • OzzOzz
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    Yeah, but which software with a one time payment supports 30-50 of these sites? I think thats too much asked for this kind, price and age of software. Because of that I was confused about your question.
    You can add new platforms by scripting your own engine.ini though (or wait for the platform trainer). We are all happy if someone scripts a new engine :)
  • You are right the big companies are monthly so yea you are correct I was just asking if there was an easy way to add them though. Code and me are like oil and water LOL
  • OzzOzz
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    What you can do instead is to compile informations (URL for registration, etc.) of all Web2.0 GSA should support. This helps the dev and all voluntary scripters to add those platforms to GSA.

    You should post your wish list here.
  • Also be aware that unlike platform based submissions (eg comments on a certain blog type) individual custom sites like these change their underlying code ALL THE BLOODY TIME, and use a lot of JS, so its a real pain in the arse to keep them up to date, which is why programs that focus on this type of site are nearly always monthly subscription.

    That said, the dev is awesome and the modding community (of which Ozz is currently about 50%!) is growing, so expect more soon.
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