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please help again - I bought (GSA SER) again for another friend but deemed fraudulent,( SVEN ) enter

on the first occasion, I bought (GSA SER + CAPTCHA BREAKER) for my friend named (Nuris), but the payment (CAPTCHA BREAKER) is considered fraud and delayed by "Avangate". 

Well, this time I bought (GSA SER) for my other friend named (Fandi Ahmad), and again and again, my payment is considered fraud by "Avangate". 

Why "Avangate" impose such a system? whereas this is just to find a place or service (sellers and buyers), whereby when the buyer has already paid that needs to be done by "Avangate" just to make sure that the correct payment is real, no need to implement such a system.


  • spammasta already told you to use shareit link to buy the software, why did you tried with Avangate again ?
  • Thank for your answer @Milan

    ok, you can see ... if (ShareIt link) is better than "Avangate" why when I click the button buy then I will show the service of "Avangate"? 

    From there I understand the intent (Official GSA), maybe they already understand that "Avangate" better still thinks. 

    I hope next time (Official GSA) could find a solution to facilitate the transaction, so that similar events do not recur in the future.
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