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please help. order is currently under evaluation by Avangate antifraud specialists.

I bought 2 products, namely GSA GSA GSA SER + Captcha breaker, but when purchasing the product I use 2 different emails for each product. 

Nuris ********** @ to bill (GSA SER) 
Nuris @ and *******. coms to the bill (GSA CAPTCHA BREAKER) 

but when I use the second payment 1 paypal account, so here I considered fraud, I forgot to tick the option (Yes, I would like to purchase this product as a gift for someone else).

Order no. (264485**).

and information 

Thank you for uploading your files to our secure server. We will begin processing your documents as soon as possible (maximum 1 business day). After your payment is complete you will receive a confirmation by email, along with additional information regarding your order.

I have sent a photo identity


  • get a refund and use the shareit link to buy GSA (PM Sven).Avangate is a pain in the arse.
  • I want is a license (GSA CAPTCHA BREAKER) is not asking for my money back, so I hope (SVEN) can understand my condition.

    I thank you for your attention bro @spammasta

    I'll try to wait (SVEN) came to give a solution.

  • This is not something which Sven can assist you on .Its the payment processor .You have to two ways to approach this - changing the payment processor or doing whatever Avangate asks you do to.
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