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3 Tier Pyramid pointed to money site ?

Hi Friends .

Can somebody help how to do 3 tier pyramid directly to money site? I need some strategy. The site is new.
What to use for tier1? Web2.0, web2.0 SERengines and?
What for tier 2?
What for tier 3?
Can i use also for Tier 1 and Tier 2 web2.0 and SERengines web2.0?
How many verified links per day for every tier.

Some workings strategy please.

Thanks in Advance



    Read this, some fresh update on Tier building
  • Thank you. hope will help

  • Hi triline123  

    I understand here all but this pyramid is no for new site and i think will be dangerous to use it.
    What you think?

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    They are not dangerous but it's just slow if you're not adjusting... But anyway tiered system centered around SER is the best way of managing your SEO ventures here and there.

    I hope that jacobking blog guy to pay some commission to the originators in this forum because he just retooled the idea.
  • Jesse You think that this system is good for new site?
    How many link to do per day a one new site. How to impost every tier?
    I want to build backlinks to all urls in my main site. 
    I will impost 5 links a day for every url but how many verified links i need to do per day for 2 and 3th tier?
    And how many verified a secondary  tiers? 

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    I don't presume to answer anything because SEO is a dynamic market arena especially now. Simply the answer is 10 for a domain of course as established by old masters.
  • Jesse

    You mean for every tier 10 verified backlinks a day?
    Can I build backlinks for every intern url in my main site? Main site have 5 post so want to do 5 verified  backlinks daily to every post. Can it be ok?

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    10 verifieds. Yes.

    For each page url? That's where you should have time to test stuff because G. adjusts algorithms on them almost quarterly. When your site gets the hit it's usually because of the reason you couldn't grasp... So it's best to make a lot of your moneysites.
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    I don't have time for this, sorry. There are a lot of folks who are capable of helping you out in your niche.
  • Jesse 

    Thanks Jesse. No problem
    Wish you nice Easter
  • I used Asia Solutions 7 tiers pyramid and within few weeks I was on top1. They do it in a very professional way. It is not expensive and they will do everything for you :).
  • nefretete 

    It can be interesting. I can do it also alone. I use contentfoundry for everything. Here was only question how many backlinks to build per day  and submitted or verified?

  • Yes, of course. I mean you can learn a lot watching how it was done in a professional manner.

    In a first tier it is limited to 50 links a day; it is growing up to 100 links a day, afterwards 50/day/per url and at the end it goes to 100/day/url. In the last tier you are almost unlimited in a safe way :).
  • The site is new so i did 10 submission per every tier.
    You think is that ok. But how i understand there is normally 4 tier because also the money site is one tier or?
    What you think? How much cost the asia solution for 7 tier? Maybe i will try them

    Thanks in advance

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    If you do it well everything will be safe.

    If you continue with 10 links a day for tier1 I will suggest you:

    50 links a day for T2 linking to T1.
    Maybe 100 a day T3 linking to T2.
    Finally 50 a day per url to T4 linking to T3.

    After 2-3 weeks I would change to:
    50 links/day for T1
    100 links/day for T2
    50 links/day/per url for T3
    100 links a day/per url for T4.

    In Asia Solutions I think that pyramid construction it was 15 bucks but I ordered a complete 25 USD pack: pyramid + data pack. It contains srticle scraping + KW scraping + 40 emails.

    They have sent a backup file with all in. I could start it inmediately but, aditionally, I could see how they did it in a right way. It was absolutely worth it. In few weeks I was on top1 for several medium difficulty words.

    Now I construct my own 7-10 tiers pyramids using this knowledge as for example I add a special T2bis tier with AA blogs just for T1 indexing purposes or T1bis with several PR3+ link types just for link diversity.

    Good luck :).

  • You ordered 7 tier or 5 tier pack?
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    7 tiers pack. It is very complete
  • Hi nefretete

    I have one question. Maybe you know answer because you have the 7 tier packet and you check all sure :)
    I want to ask you how they insert the group name ASIA VIRTUAL SOLUTION on the top of campaign which count the links?

    Thanks in advance
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    You right click on your project- > Modify Project-> Move to Group -> New. It will group all project tiers in one group.

    If you have several projects running it is better to group all project tiers in one group It is more handy to manage small list of groups than a large lists of tiers..
  • Hi nefretete 

    I did. This thing is very useful. 
    Thank you very much for help.
    Btw. You come from? No lot of people are so friendly.

  • Hi nefretete 

    I have one question here.
    I see in my project something like this and i don't know what mean.
    example: Eye Cream Tier1| 
    status: Active(P)

    The active (P)is in blue color 

    Can you tell me what mean?

    Thanks in advance
  • Active (p) means the project is paused, which means it will have reached the number of submissions or verifications set in the options page of a project
  • Thank you davbel 

  • Hi davbel 

    I want to ask you. I doing the pyramid for verified links daily like 10-20-30-40. I indexing the links with instant link indexer and drip them for 7 days. You think is ok?

    Thanks in advance
  • davbel what you think about GSA seo indexer?

  • @haris3 do you mean you are doing 10 links per day on tier 1?

    Indexer is is worth the $20 or $30 that @sven charges, but it's not as effective as it used to be mainly because the sites it uses have been abused by ppl like us :D

    I still use it along with express indexer.
  • yes  davbel 

    My site is new and for Tier 1 direct to money site 10 links a day Tier 2 _20 links a day tier 3-30 links a day 
    then tier 1-1 - 10 links a day 2-1 =20 links a day tier 3-1 = 30 links a day and tier 4 = 40 links a day.

    I ordered this pyramid from asia solution so now i learn how to do the pyramid. It is good to drip the links for 7 days with instant link indexer? How you some better strategy? I am still new in these things so i need to learn a lot. Every suggestion is appreciated.

    BTW you come from?


  • so can i use both indexers? you think will be no problem?
  • Yes, you can use both indexers, and yes that seems like an OK plan, although it you wanted you can ramp up the numbers further up the tiers

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