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My brand new definition is never detected or used

I am on the trail and have made my own custom definition.

I have followed this guide:

I have a fine success rate and the definition is saved in the folder "captcha_systems" and shows up in the list.

The problem is that my new custom definition is never detected. CP detects two other types but never my custom made definition.

There is only one single site where I want this definition to be used - always.

If CP does not give me "Not recognized" it insists on a definition with just 4 characters even though there are always 7 characters in the image and in my definition?

This goes for several other build in types too.

E.g. If I go to:

I will get "Not recognized" Even though a definition for is in the web 2.0 collection.

Is there no way to make sure that a specific definition is always used on a specific site?

What am I missing?


  • SvenSven
    hmm hard to see whats wrong without seeing your definition. Can you share it somehow and the name it is used with?
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