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Improving the Efficiency of GSA SER [Feature Request]

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I have noticed that there is a slight flaw with SER, that other seo tools can handle well, I will give you an example:

You set up 4 campaigns that are in the same niche:


Now you want to build tier 2 links, but why set up a tier 2 campaign for every tier1 if they are all in the same niche. Instead you could do this:

Select>Use verified urls of another project>Select>Campaign1, Campaign2, Campaign3, Campaign4 (all together multi project)

Now this works if you have just one instance of the token <a href=%url%>%anchor_text%</a> in every article, but you could increase the efficeincy by up to 40% by adding 2 tokens.

The only problem is GSA SER will choose the same url and same keyword for each token.

<a href=CAMPAIGN1URL>CAMPAIGN1KEYWORD</a> - twice in the same article...

but what if it could randomly choose a different url and keyword from each of the 4 tier 1 campaigns?


This would almost double the efficiency? Taking into account that around 20% of the links can be comments and trackbacks etc, if you have a large list of blogs you could double your link count and inter-connect sites together better.

When you look at the Google webspam papers you will see that they look for sites that aren't well connected. Also having two links with the same keyword and url on the same page is pointless? Google will crawl the first link and just ignore the second, if it's to the same page.

I tried to do this so I could double my output as I have alot of campaigns in the same niche but unfortunately GSA SER can't handle this feature. Would be nice to have a randomised link feature on multiple tier link building campaigns.

Correct me if I'm wrong and you already have this function built in somewhere?? is it %random_url% and %random_anchor_text%?? so I would insert
<a href=%random_url%>%random_anchor_text%</a> twice in every multi tier article?? but would it give me a random url and anchor from each of the 4 tier 1 campaigns? or just choose from each campaign at random as it submits? (either way it wouldn't matter as is all probability)

and then what if you build more multi tier campaigns? (tier3) would it work the same way?



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    I tried with <a href=%random_url%>%random_anchor_text%</a> instead of the standard (<a href=%url%>%anchor_text%</a>) and there is no difference why? it still inserts the same link with the same anchor twice onto the article!... it makes tiered link building on a large scale very time consuming... plus the software is inefficient and leaves some footprints and also reduces the indexing rate of the articles. If there is a fix for this then I can double the links and indexing rate...

    What other ways are there of putting different urls from the same or different campaign into the articles??

    This is a must have feature!!! - random links, kill two birds with one stone and get x2 the links.
  • SvenSven
    It's true that the random_url and random_anchor_test is not working for tier projects as they only know one anchor/url to build a link to. However it sounds logical to change this and I try to add it for upcoming version.
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    Sven, you're a great engineer... but with seo you need to re-think tiered link building.

    Tiered link building IMHO is pointless for building pagerank, people will say "juice up your tier 1 links" but it's all bullshit. Build 10k links and by the time you get to the tier one you've got 0.00001 smigen of pagerank as it's all drained through the 10/100 internal links of the sites your building links on, all you're doing is building pagerank for the splogs.

    ...but for indexing, tiered link building can have a massive impact, 10k tier links means you've got 10K times more chance of your tier1 links being indexed, maybe you could halve that if you're pumping out garbage content. For people in competive niches, they need links and they need them indexed fast.

    The real issue ATM is dead links and direct links link3>link2>link1> etc, it's not inter-connected into the web graph well enough, Google can see this and you can read the papers on relative mass that they use to see how well a site is connected into the web graph.

    Other than that you can double your output of links and half your server resources which makes a massive difference - if you can use a randomise feature 2/3 links per article.

    I've tried your tool, it's got to be the best I've used so far, beats MS and Senuke, simply because it has more diversity and more automated. Google doesn't want high PR web 2.0, it's wants links from relevant content and from diverse ip's but if you can't connect them together and get them indexed plus get the trustrank gained from that then it's pointless.
  • SvenSven
    so use %random_url% and %random_anchor_text% and you can place more than one url. No need to explain SEO to me ;P
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    What like this? <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a>

    You said it doesn't work for tiered projects? plus you said you don't know how to write the macro for this? I've tried this doesn't work? How do I do it?? (quickly)

    Sven, nearly 15 years of seo and I'm still learning...
  • SvenSven
    some minutes ago i have released an update that will work with <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a> for tiers as well.
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    Maybe could just put a bs related posts i.e:

    Related Posts:
    • %random_url%
    • %random_url%
    • %random_url%

    and then use the article body injector function from kontent machine and put it at the bottom? I use this sometimes when you mimic related posts with all the correct attributes it's works well.

  • JFYI

    Just tested..

    Sven you're f'ing marvellous, <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a> token now works within articles on tiered and multi tiered levels. If you're asking yourself  "what is the best seo software?" then GSA SER is the best seo tool. I don't care what the other (seo guru) haters say about it, it rocks!

    I owe you a beer! :)

    Hopefully I can contribute back to this forum, some footprints and captchas soon, I've got alot of ideas how to double the performance of this amazing seo software so thanks a lot will post some ideas soon... thanks again!
  • SvenSven
    your welcome :)
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    excellent work guys. ....

    so we can place <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a> within the article body. right ?

    how do we randomized the placement of this links.


    Article in spintax format.

    {paragraph 1a | paragraph 1b | paragraph 1c} <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a>

    {paragraph 2a | paragraph 2b | paragraph 2c} <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a>

    {paragraph 3a | paragraph 3b | paragraph 3c} <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a>

    But when the article is spinned and submitted ONLY 1 of the paragraphs will have the <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a> placed and pertinent information substituted while the other 2 paragraphs WILL HAVE NONE at all. Keep in mind that the whole article could have 5, 7 or 10 paragraphs with the same spintax BUT in the end once the article is actually going to be submitted only 1 of these links is placed randomly.
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    It depends on what software you use to create content, I made a suggestion to Kontent Machine and they now accept all tokens and the amount of tokens you can insert per article not only senuke...

    1, Enter your keyword
    2, Select token and enter <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a>
    3, You can only use only 1 token but if you want more than 1 link then use (select) the article body function>injector (random) and write something like this:

    {If {you want|you would like|you need|you desire|you choose|you wish} <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a> {then |go to check us out|visit us now}}

    (more advanced/unlimtied/nested spintax)

    The software will insert this between a random sentence i.e: .HERE. (in another paragraph other than your main token).

    Enter this as the second token (spintax) in article body token field, then you will have 2 links in your content... If there is not enough content just insert 2 article body injector links, reload the content and you're away! woho!

    NB: You must select token even if the contextual link is disabled to get the injector links into the article.
  • let's see if I understand your strategy for my question correctly. I do not use kontent machine but I think it can be done via WAC too.

    Let's say I decided to placed <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a> in 1 of 3 random places within a "SUBMITTED ARTICLE"

    1) Generate 3 different articles via content generator.

    2) each generated article build will have a "<a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a>" placed in paragraph 1 for the 1st article, paragraph 2 for the second article, paragraph 3 for the 3rd article.

    3) use all 3 articles for the GSA SER project spintax together. e.g. {Article 1 | Article 2 | Article 3}

    4) so in the end GSA SER will submit either Article 1, 2 or 3 with different placement of the contextual links.

    Is this about right ?

    Am I missing anything ?

    Can it be done in a much more simpler way ?

    thanks in advance.....
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    Personally I've never tested WAC, some said it was lacking in features and moved over to KM however, Kontent Machine made the feature requests I asked for. I generated over 15GB of spun content in 7 days, 21,000 words per article (400k spins 75% unqiue), that's double of the leading articles and if you don't use phase match you get decent artices...

    3) Using all three articles for one project won't work IMHO because you are switching articles if the token is placed in different paragraghs of each article, if you load by file or spin 3 articles together you will still get the same result = 1 link per article, but in different paragraphs.

    4) Yes it will have different placement of links but it won't have more than 1 link per article. Remember: We are adding 2 links per article (to different urls/with diffrent anchors) and doubling the efficiency and inconnecting sites which, help counteract webspam and improve relevancy and trust rank, indexing rates and faster serp movement..

    We are not randomising links in a paragraphs like the leading articles unspin it tool, the content generated, such be enough to create enough randomisation i.e: word1 next to keyword, word 2 next to keyword, this is real randomisation... beside the point Kontent machine can deliver way behond this - generating over 10,000 spun articles at 300%+ uniqueness.. the words next to you anchor really count.. not the line or the paragragh just the words surrounding the link should be different and LSI and the article as unqiue as possible so it get indexed.

    Give kontent Machine a blast (7 day free trial), send him an email if you have any trouble and he will jump on it... I don't work for them but their software rocks for sure, they got my subscription...

  • ATM just CAN NOT afford another monthly. For now WAC has all the features I needed. They recently incorporated an direct integration with GSA SER.

    My plan was just to have 1 link that is randomly placed in the body of the article with a random anchor text and random url. The 2nd link will be in the About Me / Resource Box that GSA SER place.

    Thanks for the assist and information.

    @sven GSA SER just rocks big time. :) great design and implementation.
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    You don't need to buy KM all the time what I do is generate 500 spun articles, titles, summaries, resources and bookmarks per website and save them to file. You need to use the KM template builder to make it work with SER, one template for each of the following: articles, titles, resources, summary and bookmarks.

    Then use the %spinfolder-% option explained here in this guide.

    I don't copy and paste articles into SER, it's too time consuming and you get too much duplicate content. Every article you SER pulls will be 100% copyscape passed. With the 2nd tiers just reload the content but with 2 tokens and save it all to one file. You can use the 7 day trial and get 10k articles from it.

    BTW I'm trying to get rid of all the profile pages in SER, the {about me} elgg profile links and phpfox, and some Doplphin links too, just pure contexual links, no profiles - Sometimes you can have to many profiles, other times the Elgg profile no text links screw up my anchor diversity and with phpfox you can get too many social network links and less articles. I will only use this when I have run out of options.

  • Thank you sir for your guidance. much appreciated.
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    @Sven - It's entering the code "auto add anchor url content" at the bottom when 2 links are present in the article.

    NB: It will not verify every instance of a link. So for people using this, your verified links that show will be X3/4 that amount so you will need to divide your verified links per day by 3 atm unless sven fixes the auto add url then divide by 2 or by how many urls you stuff in the articles..

    Other things to be careful of...

    Using <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a> will not work with the following options

    keywords as anchor text (won't work at all, you need to have anchors entered into the field)
    secondary keywords
    generic keywords
    using domain as anchor

    So you need to be careful here as internal pages tend to have more generic anchors so mix in 30% generic into your anchor list... also don't use this for tier 1 only 2/3

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    as a continuation to our discussion of randomizing the placement of links in the body of the article. My strategy was placing the links at end of the paragraphs. To recap, Article #1 will have it on paragraph 2, Article #2 will have it on paragraph #3, etc.... and GSA will pull the article out of the spinfile.

    But instead of paragraphs I want the anchor text links randomized within the sentences assuming of course that the anchor text keyword is present in the sentence and random links is also placed on those anchor text.

    If you used AMR before then you will be familiar of what I am talking about on how AMR handles contextual linking.

    Is there a way to do this on GSA SER or it needs to be done during content building (e.g. KM or WAC) ?

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Sven - surely here would be another good use to use a %random_secondary_anchor% text feature? This would give us good related links...

    (I understand if it's a tricky feature to implement, just wanted to point out another use for it)

    (I normally use 1 anchor text, and then 5 to 10 secondary anchors. BUT BUT BUT - problem --  %random_anchor% - only looks at anchor, not secondary anchors. So unless I change all my projects I will always get the same anchor. )

  • SvenSven
    thats added since 4.62 -> "new: ability to use %random_sanchor_text% as macro"
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Sven for captain...
  • @globalGoogler

    the values for %random_anchor_text% where do you define those ?

    the values for %random_sanchor_text% where do you define those ?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    It pulls them in from your project settings or whatever you entered in anchor text field. 
  • so both fields anchor_text and sanchor_text values are coming from anchor text definition.

    i'm still confused on how to use these variables so that I can do random contextual linking (article BODY in-context links).

    Here is a tutorial video of AMR on how to place contextual links on articles to be submitted. Maybe it will explain better on what I'm trying to accomplish. How can I mimic that same end-result on GSA SER.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    one token takes a random anchor text and places it, the other takes a random secondary anchor text and places instead of the token. You can also use the %url% to use a URL in the article. 

    (Not sure if there is a %random_url% off the top of my head...just check the macro file. 

    This way you can do most things within an article using these tokens. 
  • so basically if you want to place 2 contextual links in the body of the article.

    %random_anchor_text% can only be used once in the article and if you wanted a second anchor text then you have to use %random_sanchor_text%

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    You can use the tokens as many times as you want. It just chooses a different anchor each time, hence the RANDOM part of the token. 
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    @ sootedninjas  .. AMR and UD have that feature to replace keyword with url as shown in above video but SER dosen't support that feature [atleast at the moment;))]

    that's why i dont use these tokens in articles..these tokens take anchor text from whatever you have specified in achor text field..and thus they most of the time dont fit in the sentence..

    For tier1 links..I just use one link in article [and that is embeded in the sentence so that i can control percentage of anchor as well as flow of sentence]

    For tier2 - i put 2-3 links in articles. So if i have 100 tier1 links I divide them in 3 groups. The first group of urls, i put them 'URL field' of SER and then use %url% tag in article..This helps SER to verify links as well as avoid to put that annoying link at the bottom of article. Remaining two sets of urls, I embed them directly into the article..i dont use any tag for them..

    this setup is working nicely for me .. 
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    "Am I missing anything ? "

    Yes you are...

    I will try and find the time to make a video for you guys, I've dropped my cpu usage by 40% (now running 20 sites with 3 tiers, approx 30K links per day) 20 tier 1's - 5 multi tier 2's - and 1 multi tier 3 - I could add 20 more sites with 2nd and 3rd tiers = 60K links per day providing you scrapebox google with enough sites before hand would help save more cpu and resources.. and use 100k keyword lists with the 3rd tier all on global...

    I use kontent machine to do the articles. I had to email him to make the feature request to make it work, nothing else was compatible with this feature (hence the requests on SER as this feature wasn't working either), it's easy in practice but you won't work it out (in theory/some might) unless I show you how I use Kontent Machine so I will make a some videos for you... You can have the links random in content and randomised all over the place if you generate enough content and to any random set of campaigns you wish... It will be so random you will get 2 billion spins per site and still be indexable and random, don't worry about link placement..

    In your previous question I thought you was asking how to randomise links in paragraphs but you don't know how to get x2 <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a> in each article am I correct? read the Santos' guide on pulling content from files, play around with KM Template Builder (in export) and you will find what you're looking for...

    I'm just going back up the sites with 100/200 high pr links and let it roll now for 30 days, so got a weeks work on this campaign - but will share some vids soon... need to touch up my video editing skills...


    "so basically if you want to place 2 contextual links in the body of the article.

    can only be used once in the article and if you wanted a second anchor
    text then you have to use %random_sanchor_text%"

    Use <a href="%random_url%">%random_anchor_text%</a> as many times as you wish it will have a random anchor and random url but from any of the multi tier campaigns you pick, <a href="%random_url%">%random_sanchor_text%</a> will choose a secondary anchor to make it even it more random... correct me if I'm wrong...??

    It's only <a href=%url%>%anchor_text%</a> that you could use once per article and it was pulling the same anchor and url hence the request...

  • edited November 2012
    much appreciated :)

    looking forward to the videos
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