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High Rankings on Google With GSA On Tier 1

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Hey guys, today i decide to search on different niches top ranked sites, one of them was 

*Edit* - Link removed to respect website owners privacy

The domain was registed on january 2014, he start making on very first month, top ranking 

The guy used on tier 1 gsa, mostly spammy backlinks, something close to churn & burn, the top ranked niches are started since february, if you a short backlinks research on any of the top ranked keywords you'll see most of the links are spammy xpressengine,articlebeach with low quality content, some blog comments, wiki's and some more, so my question is how the hell is that posibile, the site is a multiple niche site, he send several spammy backlinks on each post url, he has like 4 high ranked pages that are 3 months old, and google haven't slap him, how is that posibile ?

PS: I'm pretty sure the owner will read this, just tell us dude :D


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    You should remove that link from your post. You are outing a fellow blackhatter's success and exposing him to getting targetted by Google spies and others.

    If you must talk about it, PM the website to trusted members who are interested in participating in this thread.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Regarding your questions. Why isn't it possible? If you do your anchor distribution right, nothing should hinder you from ranking.
  • why would you publicly out his website?
    if anything discuss it privately
  • goonergooner
    I think some people maybe don't know it's not very fair to publicly reveal someone's website.
    But @edyculay you do know now, so maybe you should remove the link.
  • I dont have the permision to do that
  • goonergooner
    @sven can do it for you maybe.
  • Yeah sure, i dont wanna be rude, thats why didnt said anything, i would remove the link if i could, but i can't, but c'mon i dont have the right to do as you guys call " public " a domain that can be easily found on google 
  • goonergooner
    Yea it can be found on Google, i think the point is that now everyone who read this thread see's the link and well... you can guess the rest.

    Or maybe you could say it's bad SER etiquette to share an SER ranked site on this forum.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Remove the website man, have some respect.
  • I'm sorry, i can't edit the post, if @sven want to remove the link of description i have nothing against it
  • you're fucking out!
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    Nothing interesting to see here. He's spamming his url, hitting it with a few social signals, and doing the same for a little more than a handful of 301 redirects from url shorteners. Also I doubt the keyword is competitive. He's being aggressive with his money anchor anchor and he's barely using any related keywords. The money anchor to his 301 redirects is about 25-60%. Do the same as him with more links if you wish to rank above him. I'm also churning and burning, but I'll usually only backlink directly to my money page and not be that aggressive with my anchors.

    I appreciate getting a good candidate for exporting a backlink profile made by SER though.

    @s4nt0s, you missed two links to pages on the domain.
  • @fakenickahl i have come to find your posts always bring a unique perspective and add nice value! :) cheers.
  • @PeterParker I appreciate the compliment! I'm glad my thoughts are appreciated and I'll keep on posting :)
  • fakenickahl  That's true, your post is very usefull for me, thanks for your answer
  • @edyculay What tool did you use to find the backlinks of the site?
  • @emilt9, download the backlink profile with ahrefs or any other link crawler and run it through the sort in tool in SER and you'll get the majority of the engines.
  • Is most of the people using ahrefs? I read somewhere that it is not very accurate.

    Is there a standalone software that can provide a decent backlink check?
  • I use ahrefs due to personal preference. Matthew Woodwards also compared all the popular link crawlers recently and ahrefs came out as the winner. But of course is no 3rd party crawler completely accurate. They have no where near the power to discover backlinks as Google has, but some are doing a better job than others.

    I believe there is one software which pulls the data from a server, but you'll never find decent software to scrape backlinks here and now. Just go with one of the online crawlers.
  • @fakenickahl Ahrefs must pay the highest affiliate commission then LOL....

    I've stopped using Ahrefs, it's just not good enough for the money it costs. There are others.
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    Majestics and Ahrefs have different uses. Since this internet marketing playground is not all about SEO, Majestics are not a useless company.
    Let's not to be too much evangelist about Ahrefs even though I prefer Ahrefs for SER as @fakenickahl
  • Haha, that's a very fair point @JudderMan. But I still have always found ahrefs to be best suited for my needs.

    Anyways, as I'm into churn and burn, an ahrefs subscription is hands down the best money I've ever spent since buying SER. It's just amazing what out of the box thinking you'll discover when analyzing other people's websites. I've several times learnt more in a couple of hours than I have for months on SEO forums.
  • That's a good point Fakenickahl - I use seoprofiler (or linkprofiler), which gives me more info that I need and can pull competitor backlink for the same price as Ahrefs. Bit more of a Swiss Army Knife I find, you might not though. 

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    speaking of analysing baclklinks, i too get alot out of it but ive found it very limited so far since you can only look at their tier one, so you have no idea how big or what they are doing for t2. is there any way around this? im also only on a free version of majestic (also very broke so subscriptions are out of the question) so even the tier one results i get are extremely limited but i do at least get to see if they are using gsa or quality links etc which is useful.
  • Peter, have you tried moving your sites to different hosting. If you're broke then it sounds like you have had penalties and have been slapped all over the place. I guess that from your other posts that this has been going on for many months. Use SEOprofiler it's $1 for the first month....obviously try and make the most of it within that month until you start making money.

    Start again. Move your hosting. Change up your sites or start again. Don't leave a footprint. Get into churn and burn stuff and keep mobile/fluid. I'm only saying this as I want you to start having some wins. 

    Tier 2+ in my opinion = more is better. More of everything. Powering up links, smashing the living daylights out of them. Even if it kills them, it doesn't matter, the penalty shouldn't flow through. 

    I've recently taken sites from Ahrefs DA 20 to 81 and usually around +20-25 points per week using SER only. Contextuals is key. Mixing it up. Using lots of projects on various URLs (social/anything connected to the money site). Power up power up power up, faster faster faster, more more more. Get greedy and you will start making $. Don't languish in the doldrums. I've been there and it sucks. I still struggle with some sites. Others I rank within days not weeks or months. It's nuts. If I can't do it and try various methods and they don't work, I move on and don't waste time, you're only on this planet for a limited time. Smash and grab as much money as you can - if money makes you happy, that is.
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    @judderman thanks for the advice. Hmm I dont think hosting is a problem since i will rnak for a little sometimes but then be slapped back tho that is def the exception to get to fornt at all im just saying it has happens. But my case is the same as every being stuck on page 2/3 for most things. I think the root problem is not being able to index tier 2's fast enough before they die because I check the rate at which they dorp and its around 60% after 3 weeks- this goes for contextual or not. Since hardly any of those are indexing then it means that the ones i do create are never even going to count before being destroyed. Also yes, churn and burn is next on my lists of things to try, @fakenickahl has definitely inspired me in that regard :P
  • @edyculay The site you speak of will get spanked soon enough.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
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    Peter, how many lookups do you intend to make on Ahrefs ? I have a Paid account , if anyone knows of a way to add more logins to Ahrefs you are welcome to use mine and see if you like it, I don't know why they give you like 50k lookups a month I need about 100 most :S But I agree with fakenickahl it's a great tool, up there with SER and SAPE
  • Tim89Tim89
    @PeterParker that's the reason for a tier 3 my friend.
  • @tim89 but then isnt that just an infinite problem that you would never be able stop building another tier to index the one above :P?

    'who watches the watchmen' kind of thing? :)
  • spunko2010 thanks for the offer. I havent been doing any lookups recently, so not an issue currently.
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