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Indexing Question

What is the best way to index guys. Shall I put my blast tier straight into indexification or shall I leave it alone? Is there a best practice so to speak for a tiered campaign.


  • Tim89Tim89
    Try my service out, simply add the API to SER and feed everything through it.
  • edited April 2014
    I use 2 ways for my indexing purpose. GSA SER API and Manual Submission.... I used quality links processing through Manual Submission and Kitchen sink links through SER API.

    At quality tiers ( contextual), I am using  @Tim89 service Express Indexer which is working great for me.

    For Kitchen Sink  Tiers, i am using Linkprocessor indexing service which i think another great addition. You can use indexification on both type of tiers but i have heard that the service level is not at best that it was before. I am quite satisfied with Express Indexer for Quality tiers and then link processor for Quantity tiers.

    Don't forget to setup drip feed for your links at the time of indexing.
  • @idreesfarooq - So Tier 1 drip feed over how long? Tier 2 and 3 I guess can be instantly indexed.
  • @Khaos88

    I do 30 days drip feed for every tier to be at safer side. You can try 14 days too
  • @idreesfarooq Ok cool, will give it a try. Thanks for the info.
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