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I am trying to rank a brand new Youtube video.


I am trying to rank a brand new Youtube video.

I uploaded it a week ago. My GSA SER has been running all week during the day, and nothing.

My video doesn't show up anywhere in SERP in Google. 

Competition for the keyword I am aiming for is just 6600 searches per month.

It is a little bit frustrating, that GSA SER cant't rank a Youtube video even on 10th place.

Why GSA SER can NOT rank a Youtube video just by running all by itself?

Should I buy any list to post my links to it?

If yes then which one for fast ranking?

Kind regards


  • How many proxies you have ?
    How many threads you run ?

    Do about 10k backlinks within 24 hours and you'll video will rank very well 
  • Hi

    I have 43 Private Proxies, and run 150 threads.

    How could I do 10k backlinks within 24 hours, if after whole week I have 3287 verified links?

  • Tim89Tim89
    Duplcate that same campaign 3 times and you'll reach 3287 x 3 = 9861 links in a whole week!

    It isn't difficult to rank youtube videos with SER, It normally takes me around 4 days to get a video ranking.
  • I think it all should start with your keyword research and niche. Search volume 6600 does not tell me anything about how tough the niche is. 
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