Requesting global POP3 settings

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I really need a way to set a global POP3 account/password in GSA, like / password.

If this could be set in the Options tab, and have an option like: override project POP3 settings and use global settings?


  • SvenSven
    Just entering the same thing on all projects is no option?
  • Not with your password encryption in the .prj file.  

    I can't really use GSA without being able to login to my POP3, but it's a total pain to go through each project and set the POP3 password in GSA by hand, so a global setting seems ideal.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Sven - what if you allow the option to use contents of random file? Then all you do is set the same file for all projects once. Then for future if you need to update all projects you just update 1 file? Maybe an easy workaround?
  • I like to generate my .prj files using PHP.  This way, I can let my server control the settings, links, keywords, etc.  When I generate this portion: 

    pop3 port=110
    pop3 pw=mypassword

    GSA overwrites the pop3 pw= value with an encrypted string of some sort that does not work.  Is there any workaround?  With this, none of my projects can check the email account.

    I'm proposing a global setting, so that I don't have to edit every project with the real password from within GSA.

  • Sorry to bump an old thread but i'd like to know if there's a solution for this now.just like rednax i also generate my .prj files with php but it's impossible to enter the pop password because it's encrypted.

    Anyway to solve this?
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    export the account settings for your catchall account to a file, select all projects and import the email from the file you just wrote into each project - voila, you're done. It is about 6 mouseclicks or so for all the projects you want combined.
  • I ended up using the same password across all accounts.. I entered it within GSA, then opened the prj and copied the encrypted password and hardcoded that as the pw in the generated project template. Works fine.
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    @sven, a global panel for emails would really be a great option - wrote about it here in case you missed it :D

  • SvenSven
    such a feature is planned...though latley i have a bit less time adding such great featues. Though I work on it in the background dont worry.
  • @rednax strange that it's working for you.

    I used the same .prj but only changed the .articles and even that didn't work...
  • EDIT: I retried it again, and it looks like it's working!
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