GSA SER not sending links to indexing service?

Hi, Is anyone else having the same problem? I have made 500 links atm but it only send 160 to instantlinkindexer which is weird.. it's also sending 10-40 links at once instead of 100 like before..


  • Yeah had the same problem before but now it's not as frequent..
  • Wow I'm so disappointed atm.. GSA SER made 12k backlinks over night: And only 700 were sent to the indexing service:
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    @Tilen, I have the same problem with both incredibleindexer and linkprocessor. I hope @Sven will finally fix it, since indexing as many backlinks as possible is essential
  • @grax1 I seriously thought I'm the only one with this problem.. It was actually working perfectly 2-3 weeks ago...
  • Tim89Tim89
    This issue is incredibly strange, none of my customers are suffering from this sort of thing... could it possibly be a problem with the way the API functions rather than a problem with GSA?
  • same here. I thought it was my links that was bad. made over 3k verfied in gsa but in ahrefs/majesticseo show me less than 500 everytime and this was strange . Well i'm using linkprocessor + instantlinkindexer.
  • yeah guys samething happening to me also , and now i know this is not only my problem , others also having this problem , 

    And only 5k submit to instanlinkindexer from this above picture
  • now my problem fixed , everything working fine for now
  • @harlemshakevideo1 How did you fix the problem?
  • harlemshakevideo1 how did you fix it ?
  • I got it too. Anybody who know how to fix it please comment!
  • yeah same here, SER submits every 5-ish minutes, but only 3-5 links at a time, though very clearly 30-50 would be the right amount... sometimes when the program has been restarted it will do a few 10-30 links bursts, then settle down to 3-5 links per 5min...

    I've tried everything I can think of, and yes it was working at one point, like months ago, but now I significantly ramped up my activities and noticed this... it is not even hitting my max indexing per day wall, I'm not using GSA indexer, just I'm making roughly 5000-10000 links per day now, and only 500-1000 are arriving at InstantLinkIndexer per day, what gives???

    Timeout settings dont seem to affect this, i'm running 120sec as timeout, 96 threads, on dedicated physical machine, should be well capable.

    manual sending (show urls -> verified -> select a bunch -> index/ping selected ) seems to not do anything either.

    from where i'm sitting its hard to see whether this is SER or InstantLinkIndexer that is not working properly...

  • Can't you manually add the verified to InstantLinkIndexer ?
  • I am having similar issues with the incredibleindexer, links are not being sent to indexer by GSA SER. I am having to copy and paste them manually.
  • Yeah I'm just manually adding them with drip-feed now since this is still not fixed..
    Sucks but oh well
  • Having the same issue..
  • Yes, manually adding works but it is tedious.
  • @Sven Could you take a look at that, I guess i'm not the only one..
  • SvenSven
    I had a look numerous of times. The only reason why the sending of links to the indexing service fails is because it is overloaded or your timeout is to low.
  • But @makeskita already wrote:
    "Timeout settings dont seem to affect this, i'm running 120sec as timeout, 96 threads, on dedicated physical machine, should be well capable."


  • this fails hard to me too. I also use 120 timeout on a 4 gb ram and 4 cores and still barely send 1k backlinks when I'm making 20k daily lol.
  • I have a dedi and it doesn't want to send backlinks..
    that's really weird since it is also fast as fuck
  • Same problem here, I didn't even realize most of my links weren't getting indexed until i read this thread.
  • @Tilen how did you check the amount of backlinks sent?
  • @iSagani You can easily check how many links you have left on instantlinkindexer in the right top corner: 
    That's how I found out it's not sending links.. I made around 15k backlinks in 10 hours but GSA SER only sent about 1500..
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    @iSagani Oh my bad sorry.. Just right click on selected project(s) > click on "Show URLs" > Verified
    But that's not how many links it sent.. It's how many verified links it created..
  • @Tilen ohhh ok ok but it shows how many verified links are create on a certain project right??
  • I am having issues sending links to incredibleindexer
  • yep, SER not sending links for me too :(
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