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KawaiiChanKawaiiChan Japan
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Is it possible to identify languages of a big LINKLIST.txt and sort them out in different text files by language?



  • SvenSven
    I don't think SER is the right place to add such function, bu I can try adding this to Proxy Scraper -> URL Metrics Scanner
  • KawaiiChanKawaiiChan Japan
    edited January 1
    That would be great!

    If it's not too much trouble please let me know when you add this functionality to one of your tools.

    Happy new year Sven.
  • SvenSven
    The latest update of GSA Proxy Scraper can discover language and country from a given URL.
  • Very easy step.

    open ur files in notepadd ++
    ctrl f to find
    go to last one for marking
    check bookmark
    enter the word like .us
    make all
    go to upper toolbar
    search / bookmark / remove unmarked lines
    save as new file name us linklist
    ctrl z
    do again on other languages

  • KawaiiChanKawaiiChan Japan
    edited January 9
    Hey Sven,

    New to GSA Proxy Finder, give me a hand plox.

    Let's say I have 4 different websites, all of them have a different language. (German language) (English language) (Arabic language) (Russian language)

    How can I go ahead and split these 4 websites into different .txt files with proper language?

  • SvenSven
    hmm with GSA Proxy Scraper you would have that all in one file when exporting or you sort by the column and export selected. Not really much I can do here as it is not intended to save that in different files for now.
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