GSA CapBreak already lost by xEVIL captcha ?

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Dear anyone, i want to ask some question. I just surf youtube today, and i was shocked for what i found.

Is xEVIL tools are really could solve recaptcha v2 ? and does it have better succes rate depend with our lovely tools GSA CapBreak ?

They claim xevil could solve 8400captcha types, its really true ?
Please. I need an answer.
Im really curious if this tools could do better than my one and only captcha software, gsa capbreak!



  • SvenSven
    We had a thread about this before. People said it is good but never send in any proof which made me think its some hidden promo for this (this again now)?

    I asked for a quick comparison, but no...nothing still.

    All I got is some log file with captchas solved with it and when I analyzed it it indeed showed a lot of captchas not included in CB, but those have almost all been solved wrong.

    Finding a wrong answer is worse than delivering no answer. Because it would mean a lot delay in submission than simply skipping any further steps.

    But feel free to test it and deliver some more details. Im open for any competition if its real and not some false propaganda coming from the CS guy.
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    Thanks for your reply sven, i just need a suggestion before buying something. 

    That's why im really curious about this tool. Its real/fake?
    As we see in video, depend in your answer, so do u think the video is fake? They could also manipulate video they upload? Cause the tools look really powerfull in the video.
  • SvenSven
    sorry i don't know. Maybe some real user can tell.
    But if they haven't added some better solving algorithms as last time I checked that log file, I wouldn't put too much hope into this.
  • I've been hearing about the recaptcha v2 solver for a while, pretty sure it isn't live yet.

    As for figuring out whether the tool is fake, there's an option to try it free on their website.
  • Im waiting also. Thanks bro @Sven ;

    Thanks for ur information @redrays ; so i take ur answer that this tools are real? But recaptcha2 still not released?

    Ill check it out. But for user who paid this tools and give review are still needed to make my perfect decision. Because the price are high for me depend with our lovely capbreak, but if the tools are worthed it, ill figure it out.
  • @ForexGuru - cmon man, you seriously aren't familiar with xRumer?
  • yeah hear a lot now, since looks like no one have experience here, ill do my research. on other place. and for sven, you can close this topic. thanks
  • A quick search of this forum shows that xEvil has been mentioned many times. Any of the users who mentioned it could've been PMed without much effort, and you would've quickly gotten the information you claim to want. But it seems your real purpose was to create a public thread talking about it ;)
  • SvenSven
    I agree and those other users try to hype it as well...they never talk about anything else or deliver what I asked for. If they need a "promo" like this and not let the product speak for itself, it's nothing more than another Captcha Sniper thing for least fro now.
  • @Sven - some of the posts in the other thread seem legitimate (~50%), but this one struck me as spam from the start. I don't think any of the regulars here would be opposed to you simply deleting garbage like this and banning the poster.
  • SvenSven
    I agree with you but then again why not let it stand here to let others know about there "promo skillz" ;)
  • Sure, between this and the social signals crap there's been a lot of entertaining "promo skillz" lately ;)
  • Accepted Answer
    I'm using XEvil with SER/CB mix. 

    What i've noticed:
    - is faster and uses less resources
    - has a better ratio
    - it includes recaptcha and the next update will include nocaptcha

    It has a better ratio because i'm getting more from my lists. It does work poorly on a few captcha types but the list is very small.

    After talking with different people heard some stuff. Xevil is not actually developed by Botmasters Lab. It's from another developer and included in the xrumer package.

    I'm not related to botmasters in any way, just a customer of SER/CB and Xrumer/Xevil.

    I've said enough nice things. The bad thing about botmasters is that they usually dont implement stuff according to the deadline.

    I can answer any question from a customer perspective.
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    After reading all this, I wanted to see for myself.

    I tried to download, but my AV software indicated that the (free) Xevil DL file had malware in it. :o

    False positive? Anyone know?
  • Yeah, they use some kind of license encryption. I think the demo lacks recaptcha and a few features.

    I've heard capMonster from zennolab is good also, anyone tried it?
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    I tried the demo version of capMonster.

    It seemed stable.  So +1 for that...

    But in my limited testing, capMonster did not perform even close to the (claimed) level of success with xEvil.

    It was good for some CAPTCHA types, not so OK for many others.

    The Xevil free DL claims a far lower rate of solve rate than paid version.
  • aliasfoxaliasfox Russia
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    Xevil very very best soft
    CB I gave up, really nothing wondering.
    in January there will be a new version of xevil which wondering Recaptha2 !
    this is not advertising - it is a reality
    if you can get the money back for CB, I would have immediately returned =(

  • @benny - can you provide @Sven with the information that he's asked for in this and other threads?
  • Yeah, @Sven how do you want to do this ?
  • To me this is the wrong forum to be discussing this.  Take this to Blackhat World but not in the GSA software forum. Sven has excellent products and the best Support there is.
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  • It is absolutely not the wrong forum, if xEvil can solve recaptcha v2 then it becomes an incredibly useful add-on to SER / CB.
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  • Thanks everyone, i got the point. 

    I was a big fans of gsa, and i have both combination gsa ser, gsa capbreak, gsa seo inderxer and proxy scraper.

    And u guys think im advertising this software ? that was an a best joke in 2017 for me.
    anyway, sven should be thankfull for me, cause im warning u, that there a other BETTER competitor are coming.

    Thanks, i dont mind to be sarcasm here, i just defend myself, for someone who's blame me without reason.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Accepted Answer
    Ok we all believe you, now can you go away?
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  • 710fla710fla ★ ★ #1 SER VERIFIED LIST
    Is it stand alone or do I need to also buy Xrumer?
  • Part of xrumer package
  • 710fla710fla ★ ★ #1 SER VERIFIED LIST
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    I need to test out the other OCR services. The ones I know that solve Recaptcha are Captchatronix, Blazing SEO LLC, and 1captcha 
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    From what i know, most OCR services(at least the ones that crack recaptcha) use/used xrumer as OCR software. There was some public script that made xrumer crack captchas outside the campaign.
  • @benny -  :D :D
  • aliasfoxaliasfox Russia
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    Demo Xevil

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