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Hey @Sven,

Been a while, but I fired up CG and it looks like you've been hard at work! Nice job! Below are a few more suggestions for consideration:

  • Adding "Spin API credentials" should really be in the "Tools" menu, then selecting which spinner to use on a project could then be a project option. It doesn't feel right adding individual spinning APIs to each project.
  • I see in the change log for v1.28 that you added more platforms to post to, but I can't tell which platforms are supported. It might be good to specify this somewhere (perhaps the wiki with a link to that page in the "Configure platforms" dialog of CG?).
You're doing great, and it really is amazing to see how quickly you add features. Great job man!


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Spin API: I added it to project since customers might want to use different accounts for the spin apis on projects. The reason is that they might work for someone using their credits.
    I am using the xmlrpc api that is supported by a lot of platforms to post content. Maybe I should reach out for a list of sites supporting this. I just did a quick search but can't come up with a good list of supported CMS's.
  • kxpkxp United States
    Thanks @Sven I appreciate all of the work you've been putting in on this tool.
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