Who is GSA SER for? or Examples of successful GSA SER people?

funianrunfunianrun United States
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What kind of person uses GSA SER on a daily basis ? How does this help them make money ?
Does anyone know blogs or sites that show monthly incomes made with tiered link building done by GSA SER ?(success stories)
I haven't been able to find anything,  I just am trying to current 2017 info that shows its worth spending $500 to get this tool and all its parts. (most guides and posts on BHW seems to be from a few years ago)
Or am i just being a noob and this tool is as timeless as SEO?


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    Check out shaunmarrs.com best site for up to date GSA info
  • funianrunfunianrun United States
    Yes he seems to have good info and be a good guy, but his income reports are less than $200/m from gsa ser.  Makes me think that it would be super hard to get a ROI.

    Any other examples of success stories ?
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    It's much harder to do now in my experience, I deleted the analytics profiles of my old sites that I lost last year but their initial traffic was much higher than these days and they climbed quicker through the ranks.

    I took a break after the Penguin 4 rollout and lost a fair few of the initial MNS sites I made after the break due to my first few campaigns as I decided to try a bunch of different stuff. Very few of my new set of MNS are over the two month mark. I have never ranked a site using SER in less than four months but I have a fair few pages climbing now but I have started to look else where towards PBNs and bridge sites.

    After analyzing a bunch of dates it does seem the sites and parasite I ranked were all between the Penguin 3 and Penguin 4 updates. To my knowledge, this meant Google had not manually refreshed their link quality checker but now, with Penguin 4 this runs in real time. I had lost a whole bunch of Kindle pages between that though but I am pretty sure the algo that burns parasites is something different to Penguin as my lower link velocity sites stayed steady. Then there's the Fred update from a few month back that noone really knows much about so that could have an effect on you too. Theres also the update from the 25th of last month that a bunch of people on BHW were saying they were hit by (not sure if they were using SER but my sites seemed to stay stready).

    One thing you should be aware of with people saying they are ranking with SER is to define the term ranked. Personally, I class it as ranking top three but I recently had a guy on BHW reach out to me saying he was ranking fine with SER but wanted to increase his LPM/VPM. When he showed me his rank tracker data his highest keyword was on page three of Google....personally, I class that as climbing, not ranked.

    The below screenshot is from Reddit....

    Kind of also gets my point across about his definition of being "Ranked" anywhere between 1st and 76th position....

    The screenshot below shows a random selection of my rank tracker data for my newest round of MNS I took a week or so ago for my thread in BHW none of them are SER only pages though, they all have either RX or Manual web 2.0s as their tier one and they are climbing steadily.

    SER has a bunch of uses but in my personal opinion, the days of ranking with nothing but links from SER are over. It seems a fair few people are going over to real PBNs where they have 100% control of the domain and link, not the crap you can buy on BHW. I still have two month left of link building for my various sites but after that I plan to either go all in with PBNs or split between PBNs and paid traffic if I don't see anything.
  • funianrunfunianrun United States
    Cool thanks for this! 
    What kind of competition or monthly searching volume did your niches have? 
    My niches are for no-competition keywords that I had to spend $1000 on bhw to get just a couple from Jared255. For which I badly want any ROI
    I wonder if no-competition keywords  would be a different story for Gsa ser, or if a small PBN network would still be preferable. 
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    I use my own method of keyword checking I published here those tools that give you KC scores are usually a total waste of time and effort. I recently tried AHRefs and their keyword tool was awsome but if you only want the subscription for that then its massivly overpriced.

    Search volume wise I have my own calculations to work stuff out based on product price. For example, the below keywords products retail for $20-$50 so their searches are much higher...

    The below products retail for $300-$1500 so their searches are much lower...

    I have tried PBN services from BHW years back but that name doesn't ring a bell. One thing I did find was the links were a total waste of time from what turned up in Googles search console.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
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    "SER has a bunch of uses but in my personal opinion, the days of ranking with nothing but links from SER are over." - agreed 100%, at least for Google.

    @funianrun - if you're on a tight budget I would invest the money elsewhere. Maybe buy individual GSA SER blasts if you want to test on throwaway domains or lower tiers. Out of curiosity, where are you coming up with $500?

  • funianrunfunianrun United States
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    @redrays ;
    Do you mean days of sending 1000s of links right at money site are over? Or are the days for  ranking top 3 with just tiered link building over too? 

    $500 seems like the price for captcha breaker, content machine, indexer, and lists

  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
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    @funianrun - yes, GSA SER direct to money site doesn't seem to be working these days, at least for Google. It's possible that it could for truly zero competition niches, but that's not something I've tested recently.

    As for your second question, I assume you're asking about tier structures where T1 is a non-SER "buffer", say a Web 2.0 or PBNish site, and the lower tiers are from SER. This still works.

    Guess you're right on the costs, I didn't think about content. You're probably looking at $300-400 up front plus another $50-100 per month for a list and an indexer if you choose to one. You can get by using public proxies if on a budget.
  • shaunshaun http://shaunmarrs.com/ - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    @funianrun Tiered link building is a generic term, it can be used for a pyramid with nothing but links from SER as well as a pyramid without a single link from SER. I have plenty of pages climbing through the ranks using various types of tiered link building still but they seem to be much slower than in the past.
  • Mike_RossMike_Ross Arizona, USA
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    funianrun  Gsa ser will work till there is nothing called backlinks.

    It has a big learning curve but it's worth it.It's not a eas 1 click tool. For me now its a complete backlinking tool with web 2.0 engines. 
  • funianrunfunianrun United States
    Thanks Mike_Ross that's cool it has a big learning curve, gives me more confidence I'll like it. 

    My keywords are super low competition and I will probably buy it next week
  • Mike_RossMike_Ross Arizona, USA
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    funianrun You are welcome. As you said if it's low competition you will be able to rank it in few days running of gsa ser. Consider about contextual engines and serengines. 

    Gsa ser + Gsa Cb + Gsa Cm  - Complete gsa ser arsenal tool set.

    combining with 

    serengines + buy proxies + greenserver dedi or vps + ser verified lists 

    plus your 

    Patience + testing 

    = climbing rankings

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    Big fan here ;) long live gsa ser.
  • I get great results without using paid proxies - I haven't got Svens new content tool anyone here using it?
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    @mrlinks used to use SEO Content Generator but GSA one is much better. Best content tool I've used. I have The Best Spinner for spinning 
  • @710fla - nice yes Sven builds quality tools. Will be getting it soon
  • hello
    how do indexing link with gsa ser ,,?
  • @draculax

    Do a 2 more tiers tiered campaign. It will help to get indexed which suppose to index.That's what i do.

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    thank you
    The concern that the indexation rate is not to raise 20/30%
    Of indexing link.
    Your level 2 and compose which platform?
    What indexing rate do you have?

  • I am already use GSA but this software through not extra benefit because that is black hat Technic and so last  finally use white hat Technic only this Technic hard or critical but that is legal way and good last final result is very super and good.
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    As long as your money site is legit not spam you can have great success using gsa ser to create backlinks! :)
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