Where are footprints located?

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Tried a skim read in App data as well as the program files area, couldn't find it.

Could anyone please point me in the direction to obtain all the footprints SER uses? Or how to extract them?

I heard about @s4nt0s's tool too but couldn't find any download link.

Thank you.


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    i'm sure you find it somewhere here
    or google for "GSA footprint extractor" or something like these.
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    I tried but I found one result from a site I could not trust, it'd be good to have preferably from Santos directly.

    Or I just explored it now, from Options > Advance > Tools > Search Online

    I collected footprints from that module, are those all footprints that SER uses? Or are they incomplete list?

    Thank you.
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    no, this should be the complete list
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    Alright, that's great. I assume Santos's tool does the same?

    Thank you.
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    yes, but AFAIK the footprint extractor tool can't handle "Umlauts", but i know of at least one footprint in Drupal - Blog which doesn't work when just copied from the enine files.
    "Startseite Ÿ Weblogs Ÿ Weblog von" should be "Startseite  Weblogs  Weblog von". 

    you can use scrapebox "google competition finder" to check the results for each footprint. but be aware of the fact, that a footprints differ frome each other.
    some footprints are general and give you 100k results but many of those results are of the same domain, when the footprint is all over the site. some other footprints are laser targeted and are only possible one time per page. 

    "powered by XYZ" "register" <-- this footprint is on more than one page per url
    "register account" "captcha test" <-- this footprint just exists on the registration page of the url

    when they are laser targeted than 50k results with theme are more worth than 100k results with "all-over-site-footprints". most people doesn't think about this and just delete all footprints with less than 100k results for instance.
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