Lost all my queued verifieds

I had 2k of domains waiting in the list for SEI, I restarted my server and they all went :( Is there any way I can get them back and is this a bug? Has happened twice now.


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    You mean SEO Indexer? Just checked the code...that list is saved on each URL that is proceed.
  • Yes SEO Indexer. I don't know why it happens but its happened twice... It just loses the list for some reason, after restart. But very rarely.
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    lost verified on the way to indexification as well = may be same cause / problem / bug ??

    I used indexification before SER manually and all submitted URLs always got processed

    yesterday I check for the first time after many months my indexification numbers and see that from SER  entire runtime, I have only some 20'000 that were sent to indexification

    the total number of created / verified URLs is MANY times higher at least some 70'000 URLs created by SER
    PLUS the ones "failed re-verifications" that at some time also should have been sent as well

    hence in my indexification there are some 50'000 URLs missing from SER

    is it possible that queued verified to be sent to indexing services in general (any indexing service) may get lost in a nearly fully loaded CPU PLUS slow www connection environment ???
    how can verified URLs get lost on the way to indexing services ?
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    the only way they get lost is a internet connection failed, service down, account data wrong, or SER crashes when having still URLs in queue.
  • I think it was the last one. But it hasn't happened since i posted this 5 months ago.
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