Question about apparently Über cool feature I found yesterday

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So in options-advanced-tools-search online for urls if i search for a predefined footprint and let this run for a while, then click abort, does this save the results to the sitelist for that type which then feeds into all the active projects?


  • SvenSven
    sure, it saves it in real time. As soon as a result is found it is saved to the list.
  • And the list is used by all projects automatically?
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    only if you enable the use of site lists in project options (disabled by default)
  • Suggestion for the next release, I think this program should come with a warning sign, something that looks radioactive ;)

  • Now it's crazy... my home machine only has 1MB upload, with captcha sniper running, did a couple of URL scrapes online this morning, importing a 769000 URL list.... which has only processed 40000 of them so far... 

    50 threads flat out all day.... 882 verifieds already today after just 8 hours compared to the previous highs of 200ish in 24 hours

    If I still had my 500GB bandwidth allowance 22MB upload speed VPS running.... ;)
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