What Are The Reasons Behind When You See "No Form At All" Error In GSA SER?

Currently, i have GSA SER, GSA Proxy Scraper, 2Captcha, SerEngine, Link List, and so much more....

I had purchased the link list and the owner of the link list added the link list in my VPS server via RDP. But still i am getting these errors. I am going to copy-paste those errors below:

11:59:31: [!] checking and performing updates, please wait...
11:59:43: Setting up project
11:59:43: Starting project
11:59:46: [+] 001/191 matches engine adocu.com - http://adocu.com
11:59:46: [-] 001/191 no form at all - http://adocu.com/join
12:00:17: [+] 002/191 matches engine linkee.com - http://linkee.com/
12:00:17: [-] 002/191 no form at all - http://linkee.com/
12:01:07: [+] 003/191 matches engine colourlovers.com - https://www.colourlovers.com/
12:01:07: [-] 003/191 captcha error - trying again - https://www.colourlovers.com/register
12:01:07: [-] 003/191 no form at all - https://www.colourlovers.com/register
12:01:46: [+] 004/191 matches engine aty.se - http://aty.se/
12:01:46: [-] 004/191 no form at all - http://aty.se/
12:01:51: [+] 005/191 matches engine nutshellurl.com - https://nutshellurl.com/
12:01:51: [-] 005/191 no form at all - https://nutshellurl.com/
12:01:55: [+] 006/191 matches engine 888.hn - https://888.hn/
12:01:55: [-] 006/191 required variable "url" was not used in form.

I am getting "No Form At All" issue. But if i visit those sites manually then i do see that there are forms available. What can be the reasons behind GSA SER showing me this errror? I did search this form, and read that some other people also asked the same question but i could not find the solution yet. So i thought to create a new topic about this issue.


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Accepted Answer
    usually happens when the content of the page changes and no form was found that is expected to be used. I see a lot of them in your log coming from web2.0/fixed url shorteners...maybe I have to debug on them and fix in next update.
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