Can i use Webmail Emails in GSA SER for Email Verification?

Can i create emails in my VPS server? I mean i have a VPS server for my client's websites. I have nearly 100 websites in this VPS server. I can create unlimited emails in my server. I need to know that if i can create emails in the VPS (Webmail) and add it to GSA SER?

If yes, then is there any tutorial on your website which can show me exactly how to make an webmail/profectional email a catch all email and how to make that email POP3 enabled and how to add it in GSA SER?

(Because until i find the software which can auto create emails and auto verify them, i have to start the campaign in GSA SER with some emails ids).


  • If you run client websites on your VPS you probably have some kind of panel software installed, like Cpanel or Plesk ro similar. Within that panel create a catchall email per domain, i use for instance. 
    You don't use webmail but the POP3 service, which for sure also exists on your server. Usually, within a panel, when you create a new email account it shows you which parameters to use to access this email account via POP3. 
    You then fill this information into GSA SER, mentioning it's a catchall. And with only a few catchalls (let alone 100 as you say) you can run multiple projects without a problem. Never need to create and verify external emails
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