GSA SER doesn't know how to select category and fill tags on Wordpress sites ?


i tried for hours, all kind of variations

post submitted to wordpress site has uncategorized (that means no category selected) category and empty tags

how do you select category and post tags ?!

i have only 1 site type checked (article/wordpress) and i only import 1 url , my own site. it logs in and submit but no categeroy no tags

fields anchors, keywords are filled in projects , category is filled and exists



  • SvenSven
    SER will try to take one of your defined categories and create that one before posting the article to it.
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    the category already exists, just needs to be selected if exists

    in no article directory you are ale to create categories as regular poster, you just select them

    and what about the tags , it doesnt works with either tags as anchors or tags as keywords

    the only thing that is done correctly is posting title and content, nothing else, even if you set in the .ini to  fill any field with any value, is not executed.
  • SvenSven
    what ini? are you messing with the scripts?
  • SvenSven
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    I am in contact by email and we try to solve it there. Thats why Im closing this threat.

    I really tried, but this arrogant tone made me give him a refund and stop caring about this guy at all. Sometimes it makes no sense to waste your time with ppl like that.

    However, if someone else got problems with category/tag filling on wordpress, Im here to debug this.
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