GSA SER pauses every hour

I see that my GSA SER make 1 hour pause each hour. How can I remove this pause? 


  • SvenSven
    there is nothing in the settings that would cause this. Maybe it's your proxy settings that would stop projects on no active proxies and restart later?
  • This happens to me, too, from time to time. Nothing to do with how many proxies you have, because I have hundreds of private plus thousands of public ones. 
    It seems to me that if there is only one project running, for instance, and that project is to switch state (e.g. go from posting to verifying), GSA SER seems to wait until all running threads are finished. 
    And when there's one that's hanging it waits for it -- at least that's how it looks. I've seen it wait for 15 or 20 minutes, totally beyond any timeouts. I have to hand-stop it in those cases. That will suddenly get this one thread to produce an error (as visible in the log), but then I can immediately start it again and it will happily pick up work

  • SvenSven
    it would be nice to know what site / engine could cause this so I can start debugging on it further.
  • I'll pay attention. Apologies I didn't have time to dig into it so far, but rather chose the fast stop/start repair method ;-)
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