Do I need a proxy if I set low threads?

Hello to the ppl interested in GSA Website Contact.

I was wondering if I need to use a proxy if I only use 1 scrape thread and 1 post thread for this software.

Just doing basic testing right now, want to see what's what...

Also, how do I specify time between search engine scraping?



  • SvenSven
    scraping with one thread should be fine without proxies (but slow). posting might be ok as well but keep in mind that your IP is transmitted with each message you send by some kind of forms.
  • looplineloopline
    My 2 cents is I consider at least 1 private proxy a requirement for posting. 

    Back years ago, I was posting links (blog comments, so even more passive then contact forms) and I was using my home IP address.  I got a notification from my ISP saying they had received a complaint. 

    They continued and said that if they received any additional complaints they would refuse to sell me internet access. 

    Thats clearly bad. 

    1 private proxy is probably like $2 a month and you can get 5 shared for $5 to $8 a month probably, which is plenty fine for posting and it gives you a few more ips for scraping as well. 

    But I tell people proxies are required for posting links, contact forms anything that requires using the POST html method requires proxies, anything doing GET is optional, but if you go to fast you might get blocked. 

    My 2 cents.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "scraping with one thread should be fine without proxies (but slow)." -Sven

    OK, cool.  THis is really all I've done so far.  Even going thru SERPs manually to see whos' who with a KW, I sometimes, tho rarely, get a G! anti-spam message.

    "I got a notification from my ISP saying they had received a complaint."

    I'd definitely like to avoid this, and I have a bunch of proxies, so I don't want to risk my IP for no clear gain, or potential for gain!! :|

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