Blogging with "only" and blogs

I am writing here because I searched this forum and tried everything but I could not resolve my issue. My issue is that I am unable to post "only" to my and blogs. I tried this

and also
and also

Same on I am unable to understand why I cant do this? What am I doing wrong?

Error is either "no form" or "no engine matches". I will be really grateful if you can help me on this.

I do not want to use serengines and I want this to be done by core gsa-ser

I have rankerx and it is super-easy to use these blogs with that. But I want to use article maker of ser because I am able to create original content with above average English with this.


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    I had a skype chat with rankerx as even rankerx had stopped posting on blogs. John said that WP had changed some config and they are updating rankerx now.

    Will I be able to use gsa-ser for blogging on blogs? I hope I will get reply soon on this forum. Will you update ser or is there some specific way to do what I have explained in first post?
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