How to Install or USe GSA Search Engine Ranker in VPS Server?


How to Install or USe GSA Search Engine Ranker in VPS Server?

I Know This is a Silly Question in This Forum...

But, All you Guys are Really very Advanced users with GSA.

in My Case, 

I just Purchased the full license, and still keep learning new things,

Watching YouTube Videos and tutorials even After I purchased FULL License.

I am not very much experienced with GSA...

I heard in Many Videos - Use VPS for Fast LPM.


Coming to the Point.

Which VPS Should I choose ?

Windows Server 2012 or any other...

is it Possible to use with Linux VPS...?

I have a Namecheap VPS, if GSA Support with Linux VPS, Then I am happy.

I saw, many people commenting, Linux + wine software tried ... but GSA not working on it...

Need Answer for This Below Question at least.

How Can I Install GSA in Linux VPS Perfectly ( send me a step by step guide ) 

is there anybody using GSA in Linux, Then Tell Me How...

if That NOT Supported, Then... Tell me Step By Step Procedure of using it with Windows Server.

NO Where I found a Detail Guide about Using GSA With VPS. 

So Experts Please Forgive my too much questions and please try to answer me..Thanks..


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    GSA software runs on Windows so you're going to need a Windows based server. I've been using Solidseovps for a long time and they've always been great with their VPS/dedicated servers. I've been using server 08 R2 and that has worked well for me over the years.

    When you order a VPS, they will give you an I.P number, username and password. If your home PC is running windows, you can open "remote desktop connection" by hitting the Windows key and typing that in the search bar.

    When you open RDP (remote desktop connection) you will see the fields where you enter the IP address, username and password that you received from your VPS provider. Type that info in and hit the connect button and you will be logged into your VPS.

    You'll see Windows server running inside a Window on your desktop which you can install all the software on. You can open internet explorer inside your VPS and go to the GSA homepage to download the demo version of the software, then enter your license to unlock the full version. You can also copy/paste files from your home PC desktop into the VPS window or setup a dropbox between your home PC and the VPS.

     When you open remote desktop and connect to the VPS, it will all make sense.

  • OK This I really Understand...

    What about IF I Have a Linux Based VPS Server, Just Like Namecheap provides
  • Then you have to first install Windows on that server and then install SER on it.

    You can try it at home. Get a machine where you can install ubuntu then run windows on it then install SER and CB and you are good to go.

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  • That I Understand... What IF I Have a VPS Server Which Installed Ubuntu... Can I Install Windows 7 in it... and Then Install GSA SER ?

    where insert Win 7 DVD

    if by using ISO image, how to run it in bios ? VPS Support all those ?

    some people said...

    Ubuntu has a software wine and that runs exe apps..
    in that way, we dont need to install win 7 .

    we can run GSA SER in ubuntu using confuced in this...

  • Don't be confused be brave make the leap! Use google and experiment. This way you will learn and grow.

    You can Install Ubuntu on a server then install windows on it. Keep in mind that SER and CB on a windows machine will need about 4GB RAM and minimum 40GB space.

    You can give a try to wine and immerse yourself in the linux universe. It's fun but if you don't want to have fun and experiment with different setups then get a 4GB windows server and work with that.

  • Which Company Provides Best VPS and How much will be the price ?
  • SvenSven is something you should look at. There support team is the best.
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