LPM varies why ?

LPM varies why ?

i left it going over night and got 5000 links submitted, this means that its not going at 50 LPM all the time infact this morning it wasn't doing anything how do i keep it at 50 LPM sustained ?


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    "LPM varies why ?" If you  scrape with GSA-SER or ScrapeBox, results will vary b/c it's really random what searches will produce TONS of results, and which will not, and which results will be "duds" out of the potential good targets.

    Only with a list (your own or someone else's) will you have guaranteed high LPM, if that's what you're after. (A few legacy Power-Users on Sven's boards I've encountered maintain link lists and these guys seemed very helpful...ask them re more details!)


    Projects will cycle through necessary housekeeping, and there's time to post, check links, and more. Depending upon what time it may be, projects may be doing necessary stuff that doesn't necessarily yield "links", but will keep SER humming finely along with your projects producing their best. :)
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    Its probably submission/verification limits within a 24 hour period slowing it down on your project options.
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