Resultsof a gsa run are way out of balance


I finished a run & got 18k links placed
However diagram shows 17k of those are under indexer.
I only got
321 articles
400 forums
399 wikis
Why is this so out of balance
I checked 12 differn places to post to including article, blog comment, doc sharing,forums sharing, web2, wiki etc



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    Accepted Answer
    Some platforms are much easier to create than others and required much less resources. If you imagine something like a blog comment or image comment, all SER has to do is load the page and post providing theres no sign up on that domain. Something like an article usually needs SER to load the page, find the sign up page, load that, sign up, confirm the email, load the submit article page, post the article, submit the article, and verify the article.

    You could duplicate the project and set one to only post indexers and make x submissions every y time frame if you really want them and use the other project to post to the other platforms you want.
  • Thanks. That explains it.
    18k links sounded to good to be true
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