Does CG using WordAi API also use perfect_tense API

I'm thinking about going WordAi and Perfect Tense API, but not sure if CG currently supports the extra API.

"perfect_tense - Perfect Tense automatically fixes any grammar errors. Set to "correct" if you want WordAi to correct your text with Perfect Tense and then spin it. Set to "synonym" if you want WordAi to spin your text and then add corrections as synonyms. You need Perfect Tense API to use this feature. If you do not have Perfect Tense API then sign up here.
*Note: We recommend using "correct" if you don't plan on making any edits to your spintax or if you plan on using your spintax many times. Use "synonym" if you plan on editing your spintax."


  • SvenSven
    I will add support for it on next update. However it would be helpful if you can send me your api details in pm to test it as i have no credits there anymore.
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  • nycdudenycdude Mazatán
    Email sent
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