GSA Wishlist and questions

Hello, thank you for checking out my wishlist and questions. I'd like to start by saying GSA is the best.

Could it be possible to set the time for when to send tier links? For instance, I'd like to time it for an hour or two so as to not send second tiers to removed links. 

For the proxy modules, could it be possible to set a constant state of testing? Mostly for scraped and port scanned proxies to ensure there is a ready pool of fresh tested proxies to be used?

For deleting emails can we set the time for sooner than a day, for hours too?

For Proxy Scanner could we be able to tag the source as well? Some tools work better with different sources of proxies and mixing them up is a pain. When I set the output files I can only tag them for passed for.

When deleting duplicate URLs. I see we can choose which folders to do. Could we have the option to remove dupes across all folders? There could be a priority for which folder gets to keep the dupe and which ones will Lose it. 

When working with the tools and folders, could it be possible to merge folders from outside the id/ver/sub/fail folders? I see in the tools we can move and merge id/ver/sub/fail from within SER but it's not possible to merge with Lists outside.

When a project is running, and it's set to only post to a certain country, but it IDs a suitable platform of the wrong country .. does it still save it to the identified folder for later?

Within a project, we can choose what countries to post to, could we have it so we can set the country only for certain individual engines within the project?

Could we set up projects to read URLs off a single txt file instead of getting URLs from search or system folders? Sort of like when we right-click URLs into the project. My idea is I could set up my scraper to drop txt files of URLs into a folder and SER could grab them up, bring them in as if they were searched by SER to be sorted out? And then with the option for SER to delete the file after reading (or keep it I guess too).

I better stop there, I have a ton of other stuff to ask about but I think I'm starting to go too far haha. 

Thanks for reading.

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