GSA not posting with the sites with PR more then zero

Hi, I have a hard time second day already - trying posting with the setup PR-1 - but in a hours GSA works and no one submission and verifying!!! Whats problem there, please clarify somebody. screenshot -
P.S. If I posting with PR-0 - everything is normally - posts appear. But for money site need good backlinks with high PR. Please help!


  • Well, in the screenshot we only see PR-0 sites. Either you're having a weak site list, or your PR-checking isn't set up correctly.
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  • The setup like this -
    Proxy setup this way -
    If something wrong, please, explain to me what. I know, PR now was taken from Yandex TIC in the GSA. I am in Ukraine now and Yandex is blocked for me.  How may I fix all these tasks and make GSA posting with the high PR? Thanks
  • Either you're having a weak site list, or your PR-checking isn't set up correctly.

    I take sites from the internet, I have not site list. If it weak - what should I do for it will be rich? I setup PR-2 - why GSA searching only PR-0? Thanks

  • Looks like GSA do not see -PR-0 too low site with PR more 0 and sees the only PR with 0 and just inform it. How come - one hour!!!!!! - only PR-0 too low-PR-0 too low - and no one verifying, no one submission! I spent 2 of my days - no result. Sven - help with this matter, please.
  • Something wrong - if hours nothing even not submitting - and only 1000 times - PR-0 -too low...PR-0 too low... I setup PR-3 and no one time not verified... What I gonna do with the tool like this???
  • SvenSven
    just checked it and YandexTIC is working as expected. Could it be that you are blocked on there end?

    You see anything when opening it in browser?
  • Thanks for your explanation, @igorsuccess. All clear. 
    The problem is indeed, as @Sven indicates, that you don't get a value for PR if GSA tries to poll Yandex, because as you wrote it's blocked for you because you're in the Ukraine.
    There's two possibilities as I see it:
    1) I'm using GSA's PR emulator, a little additional program that makes GSA Search Engine Ranker believe, Google still does PR ranking. This works very well for me, but it is an additional cost (@Sven would you have a rebate for him?)
    2) You don't filter for PR, just let it build on every site it can. That's of course not perfect from a SEO perspective, but if you set your filters for keywords tight enough you still will get good results.
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  • SvenSven
    1) that tool has no discounts as it is to cheap anyway.
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    but if you set your filters for keywords tight enough you still will get good results.

    Thanks for the advice - I will try setup GSA like this. Dear Sven - very sorry, but  from my place, I  can't see Yandex - (actually to look at Yandex I use a lot of browser plugins(like a browsec VPN or others), very pity - I am poor now to buy anything else from your additional soft. (

     to cheap anyway.

    Just for info - what price of that PR emulator? (P.S. - sorry - already found the link with it))

    Thanks for your answers and advice, Sven - truly I am disappointed because of this matter with Yandex and GSA PR - so great tool and like a car without gasoline... Maybe will you solve this problem - a lot of webmasters from Ukraine own GSA? Thanks, regards

  • Sven is right, it's really not that expensive: 30 Euro. And it replaces the defunct PR information not only in GSA SER but also in other SEO products that need PR information.
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    I just not realize, how come GSA could see from few sites PR more then zero- if Yandex does not work. It has happened in a very very long time - approximately 2-3 sites with PR 3 or 4, in a one-two hour and others PR-0 too low. So - what tool in GSA permit to see PR from time to time? It means  - where is the problem if something there sees PR from time to time?
    One more thing - my GSA ranker has worked properly approximately one week before - all sites were posted with the good PR site post. (Despite, as you told Yandex blocked in my place already almost one year) Then something happened in a few days - and I got this trouble with the impossibility to find a good site with the good PR and posting there. Maybe somewhere other solution for it? Thank, regards
  • SvenSven
    @igorsuccess PR is cached and can be part of a script (fixed there) or attached to an URL (URL|PR). PR is also taken from previously verified sites to lower the PR queries as much as possible as everything takes time.
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  • @igorsuccess PR is cached and can be part of a script (fixed there)

    Thanks for the clear answer, Sven. I will think what going to do next. 


  • Still get this error messages : No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines, no site list enabled, no verified URLs to extract targets, no scheduled posting)

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