Open Journal Links not working in GSA

seojokerseojoker Nowhereland
Hello I have a big list of open journal urls with paht/comment/view  in Url links, I tried to import this list into GSA but it is not working, it gives me an error "Unable to find suitable URL", do I need to modify my /comment/view list? How to use this list to post there with GSA please? @Sven
can you help me please?

Also, I can pay for a freelancer to develop a custom engine if needed.



  • seojokerseojoker Nowhereland
    in this link for example i iget unable to find suitable url but manually i could register and post comment:

    Can you fix OJS engine @Sven
    Please? I am trying to fix it myself but with no luck until now. In this case there was no captcha also, and even with no captcha GSA was not able to post to this url.

    Let me make another example, in this other url problem was different and also i could post manually but GSA could not post: in this link for example ( ) GSA is giving "url was not used in form" error but this form allows HTML in the body and in html we can use url.., i am trying myself to fix this script, could you help me? thanks
  • SvenSven
    next update should improve things here
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