Request: Remaining Targets in List for GSACF

@Sven could you add a remaining targets number either by right click option or next to submissions on the bottom of the tool? I scrape (separately to CF) and import lists, but if the tool gets through them in the night, I am left for hours with the tool not running. I have noticed that 200k lists are around the right amount to import, anything more and it goes slower, but depending on my proxies and server the performance is erratic so it's difficult to judge when to add another list.

If there's a better way of doing this process, I'm keen to hear.


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    right click on the have plenty of columns therethat should show you what you need.
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    My 2 cents is that I have a couple servers that all they do is run identification on domains.  I load them in in 1 million chunks and tend to run 1 to 2 identification projects at 350 to 500 threads (depending on the server) and use no proxies for this process. 

    Then I post on other servers and also load in in 1 million chunks.  I run about 60K to 100K per campaign per day.  going faster tends to lower click thru rates due to spam filters.   Also going too many to a given domain in a day tends to land them on the domain blacklist. 

    thats maybe more then you asked for but perhaps will spark an idea.
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