How to get backlink form joomla component k2

Hi every body,

How does gsa get this kind of link?

How does it gsa step by step? I do not see the link anywhere: D

Thanks all!


  • SvenSven
    I don't understand the question. IF you want to understand the link placement, use the debug mode and you see each step or simply "read" the script.
    Thanked by 1Deeeeeeee
  • thanhlong24thanhlong24 Việt Nam
    I want to know how to get backlink like the above.
    Sr, i not good English
  • SvenSven
    SER might be able to built it...however with recent discontinuing of recaptcha v1, many sites do no longer work as the admin didn't update and you can no longer register.
  • thanhlong24thanhlong24 Việt Nam
    thank you. I will try to find the list and get these backlinks in high DA form.
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