is it possible to spin text in an organised way? not random

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What i want to do: 
I have a list of words to spin - those words should be in the "title" , "url" and "body" of an article. 
Currenly, GSA randomises the way it spins. Even if i have the same list, it will choose different words (from the same list) for "title" , "url" and "body".

What I want is for GSA to thoroughly go through the list and use THE SAME keyword for "title" , "url" , "body" and then go to the next word, use it in "title" , "url" , "body" and so on. 

Kinda like this WP plugin does :

is it possible?


  • SvenSven
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    yes you can do that already as explained here: (see #TAG).
  • tx, will check it out
  • Back agan after some testing.

    Unfortunatelly, coud not do it.
    using #TAG1  (from the guide - link above)  does not work as i try to synchronise (sort of) different fields  -   URL , title, etc...

    What COULD work is using an external file and processing lines in order.
    That SHOULD be done by:   #file_links[<filename or url>,<number of lines>,<line output>]

    Unfortunatelly i think there is a bug or i dont get it.
    I used SP - to process each line in the order they are in the file.  Using the same file should sync url, title, meta, etc...  with the same keyword.  And you can spin them in the file and use gsa to post as they are there.

    However, the SP command does not seem to work. I does NOT process one line at a time, but the WHOLE FILE -   it is like the #file command - enters in the text everyting in the file.

    the #file_links with S or L or N as "line output"  works, but it is random and not usefull to what i want.

    the #file_links with SP or LP or NP as "line output" takes the whole file NOT a single line.

    Am i doing something wrong? Is this a bug?
    Tx in advance Sven.

  • SvenSven
    The #file_links macro should indeed use the number of lines specified (or whole file) when using SP as written here:
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    it should, but it does not.

    this is the line im using

    this is the file:
    title 1
    title 2
    title 3
    title 4

    and this is the result:
    title 1 title 2 title 3 title 4

    IF i use
    #file_links[D:\titluri.txt,1,S] - works fine, but in random order, which i dont want

  • SvenSven
    found the problem and fixed it in latest update. However the #TAG thing is worth to look at as well. Let us fix that if there is really something wrong on your end. Keep in mind that this might only work on real submission, not on the Preview/Test as it is too advanced and I didn't code it into that part.
  • ok, tx.
    will test further and post here the results
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