K2 links not appearing anymore in verified list

seojokerseojoker Nowhereland
Hello I was making a lot of k2 verified links, suddenly stopped appearing in my verified url list, i dont know why but in last 3 days i saw no k2.. Maybe k2 engine is broken? @Sven
can you check this for me? how to get help? thanks!


  • i dont have such a problem
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Most likely it is the site itself. many of them used recaptcha on registration but that one was discontinuzed and replaced by recaptchav2 and many sites didn't update leaving them nonfunctional now.
  • seojokerseojoker Nowhereland
    i were getting a LOT of these links k2, then suddenly stoppedcompletely, i mean i were getting  lot in the last days.. now i get none.. something must be wrong, and i use xevil with recaptchav2... so it is not a recaptcha problem, how can I understand why i am not getting k2 anymore? thanks
  • seojokerseojoker Nowhereland
    i can see other people are verifyiing k2, as Mashafeequi wrote here, me too i were verifying a lot, then suddenly stopped, something must be wrong but i am new to gsa so i dont understand how to check why...

  • seojokerseojoker Nowhereland
    this is a big chunk of my log, i created a new campaign only for k2, i duplicated project and unchecked all other engines, this is my log, NO k2 links are shown in verified links list, not a single k2 link and one week ago when i created this project for the first time, i had a LOT of them.. in this very same project..
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Accepted Answer
    stop guessing things please. The problem IS recaptcha. Because for the switch from recaptchav1 to recaptchav2, you need to make physical changes to the site. Many K2 sites simply didn't do that....that makes them unfunctional and you can not register anymore.
  • seojokerseojoker Nowhereland
    edited June 2018
    Sorry Sven, you must be right.. Thanks.. 
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