[Feature Request] tool to work with redirects

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Hi there.

I have very big domain lists checked for wordpress, joomla and some other stuff.
Some of domains in base are like just redirects to other domains.

For exemple:

Domain http://oviatis.bio redirecting to http://www.oviatis.fr/index.php?lang=fr
Domain http://george.camera redirecting to http://ph.otographer.com/
Domain http://antigua.coffee redirecting to https://codigoweb.tech/
Domain http://terrelogiche.tech redirecting to http://www.terrelogiche.com/
Domain http://nabo.mobi redirecting to http://www.nabo.de/

when i started to check this - i just took raw domains (even without http) and load it into the PI.
Then. When PI is identifying cms, it goes through redirect. So maybe its isnt hard to do?

This tool will be very usefull for me, becose i have like 300 million domains to check, and want to clean some doubles after parsing redirects of all checked links.

If yes, can you plz make something like:
if no redirect = save link
if has redirect = delete 1st link and save redirected link.
(or have option to save redirect link and redirected ling to seperate files)

Or maybe you can make checkbox to save redirected url when checking cms into sitelist_cmsfile.txt ?

Thank you :)


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