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[Feature Request] tool to work with redirects

seodamageseodamage internetzzz
edited May 2018 in GSA Platform Identifier
Hi there.

I have very big domain lists checked for wordpress, joomla and some other stuff.
Some of domains in base are like just redirects to other domains.

For exemple:

Domain redirecting to
Domain redirecting to
Domain redirecting to
Domain redirecting to
Domain redirecting to

when i started to check this - i just took raw domains (even without http) and load it into the PI.
Then. When PI is identifying cms, it goes through redirect. So maybe its isnt hard to do?

This tool will be very usefull for me, becose i have like 300 million domains to check, and want to clean some doubles after parsing redirects of all checked links.

If yes, can you plz make something like:
if no redirect = save link
if has redirect = delete 1st link and save redirected link.
(or have option to save redirect link and redirected ling to seperate files)

Or maybe you can make checkbox to save redirected url when checking cms into sitelist_cmsfile.txt ?

Thank you :)


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    If has redirect = delete 1st link and save redirected link. Isn't it already doing this for you?

    Are you wanting to save the original ROOT URL and redirected URL, but save them to different files?

    I'm trying to understand exactly what change/option you're wanting.
  • seodamageseodamage internetzzz
    edited May 2018
    Yes, sory i was a little bit confused.

    What i want: PI goes through base and if url = redirect, then save only the redirected link (the end link/url). If no redirect instead then save not redirected link(current link/url).

    (saving both files was like a option - but not need it so much. Sometimes, when u work a lot, u sometime forgot where links from [and its like a backup if something goes wrong])

    But the main goal - only process redirects. To clean entire base from garbage links and duplicates and have nice clean base. Redirects slowing down posting, and have many duplicated redirected to links.

    for instance:
    I have sitelist_Article-Wordpress Article.txt - some of the links/urls are redirects. I need to replace redirects with redirected to links/urls in same file.

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    So if we add an option like "save redirected URLs instead of root" that would help?

    Regular URLs are saved as normal
    URLS that have a redirect, only the final (redirected) url is saved and the original URL is not saved.
  • seodamageseodamage internetzzz
    Sure, it solves my problem. It would be great!
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Ok, we'll start working on this and should have an update this week.
  • seodamageseodamage internetzzz
    Ok, thank you, much appreciated :)
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @seodamage - New update is out with this feature added. :)
  • seodamageseodamage internetzzz
    edited May 2018
    @s4nt0s Thank you very much! Best update ever <3

    Thanked by 1s4nt0s
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