Xrumer, Xevil

is it real that these software provider is a scammer?


if its the case then where to buy them i would really like to do a bunchmark comparission between gsa ser with gsa cb vs xrumer with xevil


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    I don't think that they are scammers. XRummer is a well known tool for SEO (at least it was so in the past). Im not sure if it's still relevant for anything other than spam.

    Anyway, if you do a test as "xevil vs. CB", please do it the proper way. I did a test myself. But as I am the developer of CB, I don't say "take that and believe me". If you come up with other results....fine. They just have to be some way reproduceable.

    A simple "XYZ is better" is just not enough.
  • Dude am mashafeeq did u forgot me,, i worked wih u in the past and created hundreds of types and updated half of gsa cb ,, i know how good it is and i know how to bunchmark it

    i will run 100,000 captchas
    with all engines
    In 2 50gb ram vps with 1000 threads

    the tests will show me 
    which one is 
    faster, more accurate, number of engines it support
    Also who will crash faster cuz 1000 threads will crash both of them no matter what cpu or ram i use
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    @Mashafeeqi yea sure I remember you ;) Long time you haven't been active here. But these days you really have to be careful of all the false-flag operations and people trying to spin statistics to make something bad look good.

    Just wanted to make sure it'S not another "xevil is best" thing.
  • I wouldnt post a rippoff and scam links if i do “xevil is best”

    go check the url that i posted . This guy get scammed twice ,

    well he didnt do anything about it. If i myself get scammed then i will make sure xrumer company will never sell a thing ever again

    And by the way .. 
    i trust gsa company the most because u can find explination of every thing about it and its getting updates daily

    xrumer didnt even update the screenshot of there software when they release xrumer 16. They still using xrumer 12 image as will as the scamming blackhat sites .. they al use the same image  :|
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    I have purchased Xrumer in 2014, and since then upgraded to business licence, i am also on their XEvil 4.0: ReCapcha2 Solver Module beta group since last year and very happy with it. I use GSA CB for the basic captchas and XEvil 4.0: ReCapcha2 Solver  for the difficult stuff.

    I have never ever had any problems with them, nor have i ever heard of anyone  getting scammed by them.

    There is always 2 sides to a store, and you should not make assumptions based on an article from 7 years ago, how do u know that is not fake.

    These days there are so much fake news out there it is hard to say what is true and what not, all i know is that Xrumer \ Botmaster has been around very long time, and is a well respected member in several forums, I for one have no problem dealing with him.

  • Royalmice i know u and i trust you . i will purchase it today

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> http://asiavirtualsolutions.com | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
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    The Xrumer English Forum is not active at all
    What i do is go to the Russian forum : ru.botmastersupport.com   register and then use Google Translate to understand what they are talking about.

    Please note that buying Xrumer will just give you access to the basic xEvil version, I dont think the version 4.0 which has the RacaptchaV2 solver is  available to non beta members yet. And to get on the beta group, i had to prepay 1 year support. not sure if that is still the case, best ask botmaster direct when u purchase.

  • ok, will do
  • yes of course u can use both
    just let gsa cb simulate all except antigate and let xevil simulate antigate with port 81 instead of 80

    then in gsa ser put gsa cb as primary and xevil as secondary , gsa cb with 5 tries and xevil with 3 , and 99 threads..
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