Using Proxies That Passed


I need a little help to understand what test I must run to actually use proxies.

1) I have this to auto save to a file:
(country = UK or US at bottom of screen depending on which txt to save)
So I have 2 txts that get saved.
Yelp Passed UK.txt
Yelp Passed US.txt

Example Yelp UK Proxy:
Example Yelp US Proxies:

Proxy Testing:
I was having an issue scraping so figured I'd manually test the proxies.
I'm using SwitchyOmega to see if I can actually access yelp using the found proxies.

How come when I check any of the proxies that got saved either to:
Yelp Passed UK.txt
Yelp Passed US.txt
They never let me actually connect to the website. (either manually or for scraping).

What am I missing here?


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