PR is gone, what does SER use now to weed out less desirable blogs?

What I am trying to figure out is if I will need additional services, like MOZ to get PA and DA, to use your service effectively.

Someone told me you use Yandex but I don't know how to interpret their metric and it seems spotty on whether it works at all or not, but I have not looked at it in over a year.

Basically, what other services do I have to buy to be effective with SER.


  • SvenSven
    YandexTIC is used to map PR. You can however also use GSA PR Emulator to exchange that metric against anything else.
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    So I do not have to buy any other services?


    Can you give me some indication of your success rate. 
    I will be using the add on SER Engines very heavily. But it will be nice to throw in some diversity of platforms at my site
  • SvenSven
    some metrics need a api key where you have to buy credits.
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    Accepted Answer
    Pagerank has been gone for over a year now (Two?).

    I tend to use a mix of Moz and Majestic metrics personally. It's well worth the API fee. 
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