low sucess with guestbook

I scrape with my scrapebox 77k sites with default gsa ser guestbook footprints. And after processing it in gsa ser i get only 150 verified links. 
I use 5 private proxies and cb for capthca only.
Its normal?


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    no not normal at all. Though when did the links verify? Did you have that turned to "automatic verification" in project options?

    But even if you have that turned on, it can happen that SER is not able to verify that fast and your link moved already to page 2+ when it tries to verify.
  • chazzzzzchazzzzz MSC
    edited March 2

    I use default settings on this tab mostly. 
    Ok. I make a test. We have 100% silentium guestbook.
    I post manually on this site sucessfull. But when i import this site to GSA SER i receive "No engine matches". Why? 
    Or https://ole-espana.com/bella/index.php
    This is Bella guestbook, but i recieve "No engine matches again.And i see fresh links from others, mb something wrong with my settings...
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