Better Integration With SER?

Currently the way to import articles and fill all the data in SER with CG is by exporting for SER from CG and then use Tools>Import>Data Fields on SER correct?

The thing that I always missed in SER is automatic feed of new articles. Well there is a way to accomplish this, by using spinfolder and schedule SEO Content Generator to generate new articles into that folder periodically, but it is not perfect. Either SEO CM would hang up and leave the folder empty and SER will stop posting new articles or a hiccup would happen and bring the process to a halt. And that is to be expected when there is no direct communication between the two software. So this is not the real deal.

When CG got released I thought this will be the main advantage of it, feed SER with articles on the fly by making them both communicate perfectly in sync. SER uses up the articles that it had, asks CG to generate a few new articles, CG starts generating articles, sends them to SER and SER continues posting. Now that both software are controlled by GSA, I'm pretty sure this can be easily implemented by @Sven . We've seen far too many miracles pulled off in all these years, I don't see why this one would be an issue :)


  • SvenSven
    hmm why you do it like that? You can already export automatically once a project in CG is done generating new content. You can set it up to export to a selected SER project directly.
  • Wow, didn't know that! I had CG installed on a different computer than SER and to be frank didn't use SER for the past few months so I never tried that option.

    That's a very nice option to have and shortens quite a few steps. I can see how it would work wonderfully well.

    So then I guess next step would be to make SER send signal to CG when all articles are used up ("Do not submit same article more than" option) so CG can start generating new articles automatically and import them into the SER project automatically when finished. I guess that would require a setting in a SER project what CG projects to start if articles get used up. It would be an interesting upgrade to full automation :)
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