Wrong work for "AntiGate with IP" in Xevil


I use this service for recognize simple captchas, use this as 2rd service, but in GSA SER log I see:

AntiGate API with IP ERROR: unknown error (empty reply)

And in Xevil I see only send captcha requests, but 0 requests for get captcha status (recognition results).

I think, it's bug (maybe ip:port not using for get results?).

@Sven, test it, please or let me know how I can help.


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    someone else got issues with that before, its some xevil thing...ask them for support please.
  • Lord_AlfredLord_Alfred world
    edited January 2018
    @Sven, Sorry, but you not right.

    My main problem: I use capmonster as 2captcha (for recognition recaptca2) and capmonster can run only 80 port, so xevil as antigate using other port (85).

    I snifferred local traffic from gsa ser to xevil and got deplorable results: gsa not send request for get results from antigate with ip:port. Only errors in log shown, but requests no sended. 

    Sven, please, test it issue (with not 80 port). I really need to be use xevil + capmonster and I don't know what to do.
    If it need I can send dump.pcap with my test.

    PS: I also test "Decaptcher API with IP" and this option got same results... Only send captcha requests, no requests for get results
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Accepted Answer
    OK I see what you mean now....the port is the problem and I fixed that in latest update.
  • Lord_AlfredLord_Alfred world
    edited January 2018
    @Sven, thanks for quick update, but version 12.44 not solve problem.

    In log I see:
    10:07:21: [-] 080/115 AntiGate API with IP ERROR: unknown error (empty reply)

    In XEvil:

    Mistake in "key" in GSA SER (for XEvil the key can be any, you known) and it's still not working... Requests for get result now work, but SER show in log "empty reply", why?
    I dont known how to test it or maybe check "Run in debug mode" and send report?
    Or maybe run sniffer and send you dump for this requests?

  • UPD: I dont know, but this errors only show for very strange captchas:
    http://www.djsproductionmag.co.za/login/ (captcha in 2 images)
    https://www.warpportal.com/account/registration.aspx (solvemedia)
    http://barrieads.ca/register/ (captcha in 2 images)
    http://www.verdurez.com/join (text captcha in image)
    http://beachmonkey.com/index.php?do=/user/register/ (I not found captcha)

    Its ok or not?
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    hard to say what it is without being able to debug this...that key should not be an issue whenever I will fix it anyway.
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